Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 4

I had a different set of plans for this morning. It was my hope to run two tanks of gas through my chainsaw. It's the middle of June and I am behind on cutting firewood to burn this winter. But, it is raining.

Rachel Kieffer said a phrase during our

interview for the Making A Difference story

that has echoed in my mind since the words rolled off her tongue. "If I really love myself, would I do that?" I have a choice.

Our stories have great power. The wide range

of voices shared within the pages of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine are the spice,

the life, of this magazine. We all have stories.

It is the breath we exhale; the next moment

is what we inhale.

Our experiences, and the dreams we hold dear within, crave to be shared, not just heard. This month Reba Linker shares with a hot mug of tea.

Kat Tozier helps us understand the healing power of yoga and creative ways to be productive in the office. Both Natasha Botkin and Lore Raymond share stories from their childhood.

I shall spend this rainy day tidying up my article on the Health Nut Girl, editing my web of words in the other articles I've written, and continue to count my blessings for the wonderful people who are supporting me on this adventure

as a publisher.

We tell the tales to help, inspire, warn, teach, and reminisce. So if you are tempted, yet hesitant to click the submit button, my only advice to you is: follow your intuition. Allow the story to lead you where it needs to take you. When you do this, it will not only help you, it will inspire others. Isn’t that why we write? Because, you know, rain happens.