Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 39

Flavor Enhancers:

Add lemon slices

Add handful of raspberries

Add simple syrup

(boil boil equal parts sugar and water; dissolve sugar; cool)

One of my favorite beverages to quench my thirst on a hot afternoon is a tall glass of ice tea. I pour 1/2 gallon of water into a glass pitcher, add 6 tea bags and set it in a place where it has good sun exposure to brew for two to three hours (no longer than five hours). Remove tea bags.

To serve, I pour the sun tea brew into a drinking glass with lots of ice cubes. The remaining is stored in the refrigerated.


Mint sun tea variation:

Use 5 black tea bags and 1 mint tea bag.

Spiced sun tea variation:

Use 4 green tea bags and 2 cinnamon stick herbal tea bags

Sun Tea

Capture the essence of a hot summer day.

Photograph by C.K. Kochis