Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 37

Spoken Treasures

By Natasha Botkin

A lovely lady created the most beautiful flower bouquet just for me. I asked her for three types of tulips and had no expectations as to the outcome.

Shortly afterwards, I walked into a local store and saw the massive crowd; I began internally pouting about my gorgeous flowers wilting in my vehicle. Trying so hard to make my way through the crowds of people only to see a long maze weaving throughout the entire store.

When a lady stopped me in mid-pout! This beautiful woman was sitting down staring at all of her treasures. She holds one up for me to see. I cannot take my eyes off of her, and barely notice the treasure. She is radiating a true light that is so beautiful to behold. Dancing with her sweet nature and love of pretty things. “My you are a pretty one; bet ya get that a lot.” I smile and say, “Yes, I do, beauty is not just on the outside. You are so amazingly beautiful. Thank you for helping me slow down to see your treasures.”

With that she smiles a gorgeous grin, all the while humming. We sit for a moment or two, I am not sure as to how long. She is so happy and free. A calm peace returns amongst the crowded space and I leave with the same happiness.

May you be able to slow down and enjoy your beautiful treasures!

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