Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 36

helped me realize that sitting behind my desk made me feel cut off from my guests. It wasn’t ‘me,’ it was too formal, too stiff. I jettisoned the desk and replaced it with a low coffee table from our living room. I also nabbed an overstuffed armchair that practically fills the entire space.

Most important, I replaced the plastic water bottles I had been chugging with a teapot and my mug or cup of choice. I still drink water, but I pour it into my cup from my teapot, and I mime offering my guests a spot of tea before we begin our conversation.

This little change has made a world of difference. I feel elegant, feminine, relaxed, wise, comfortable, unique, and best of all, I feel like ‘me.’ This suits my style!

In my coaching I vision myself as an empty vessel, and I offer myself as a channel for the messages my clients need to hear. Yes, I have skills, wisdom, life experience and business acumen to draw on, but I don’t fit the masculine model of a doctor prescribing a one-size-fits-all cure, rather I am in the feminine mode of small ‘aha moments’ that add up to gentle expansion and lasting change.

My coaching flows when I feel like I am having tea and conversation with a friend. For healing is not what I do, it is what I am. It is a gift that can’t be forced; it can only be invited and welcomed.

The flow of liquid from teapot to cup helps me allow the magic to flow in my coaching as well. The rituals of tea connect me with ancient feminine wisdom: handling the ceramic pot, offering to share, pouring the liquid, raising the cup to my lips, all these things connect me with my mystical ancestors. It offers nurturing to my guests, and it brings me into the realm of the Wise Woman, tapping into the liberating knowledge of each of our infinite power, beauty and right to an abundant, joyful life.

A humble teapot does all that.

Never underestimate the power of something gentle and small. Honor it and watch it work its magic in your life.

I share this not to sell you on tea or tea accessories, though you are welcome to join me in my delight with all things tea! Rather, it is to invite you to claim some small thing that helps you define who you are. It may be a style of dress that expresses the uniqueness of you, or something you share with others, or a ritual you do for yourself that helps you declare: this is who I am.

Like a tealeaf absorbing water, let that small thing enable your true essence to unfold and expand. Allow the heavenly scent of your being to infuse everything you do, and the perfume of your beautiful, authentic being will inspire all whom you meet.

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