Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 35

I love me my cuppa tea!

I love the warmth of the mug in my hands, and the heat of the liquid as it enters my mouth, and the way it warms my chest and belly as it goes down. I love the herbals in their pretty boxes, the fragrant greens, and black tea, too – woo – love that caffeine! I love it with milk, lemon, honey, fresh mint (not all at the same time!) and even Tibetan tea with salt and butter. I love high tea with scones and clotted cream, tea in glass cups with metal holders and sugar cubes between the teeth the way Grandma used to do it, and I love it all on its own, a simple morning tea bag in a cup of hot water.

I love tea caddies, tea cozies, tall mugs and dainty cups, tea tins, and little ceramic tea bag holders. I dote on humble teapots, adore elegant gilded ones, and must have a glass one where I can witness my fabulous chrysanthemum flower tea unfurl.

I can’t count the number of cups of tea I’ve imbibed this year, let alone this lifetime. I’m certain my blood is not Type A, B, or O, but T.

Tea is a small thing that gives me great joy.

Little things can make the biggest difference.

I recently started hosting an online TV show in which I meet guests in an unscripted, on-air coaching session that helps them move past obstacles and open to greater success and joy.

The dream of hosting a show is an audacious one. I was so overawed and – I confess – intimidated by what I was attempting that my first few shows felt a bit awkward. The

‘bigness’ of the dream was throwing me off, and I felt small and insufficient for the task.

When I quieted my mind and asked for inner guidance on how to overcome my jitters, I received in my mind’s eye the image of a teapot. Ahh! That told me what I needed to know, and I went to work to implement some inspired action.

We film from my home office, and my divine inspiration

What’s YOUR

Photograph by Adam Linker

By Reba Linker

Magic Teapot?