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Have you ever attended summer camp or sent your children to one? Perhaps you wanted to attend one. If you answered yes, come hike along with me and…

Rewind: When I was a 10 years young, I joyfully found myself experiencing the magic that is summer camp. For me it was Camp Azalea Trails nestled in the pine trees of the San Jacinto Mountains near Idyllwild, California. Sitting in the upper bunk bed at night, I recall secretly pouring over every paragraph in the promotional brochure. It read: “This Girl Scouts camp is designed to give every girl the chance to succeed, build friendships, challenge herself, build self-leadership and have fun. Camp program includes archery, arts, and crafts, outdoor education, camp skills, team building, games, drama, campfires, fun, and more.”

With butterflies doing a tummy-stomp, I bravely asked my parents if I could attend camp. It was 1963 and the $45 registration for two weeks was costly for a family with three kids and one working parent. They said “yes.”

It felt thrilling to complete a registration form, put the $45 check inside, and lick the envelope! It marked my first time to ever register or apply for anything.

In a week the Girl Scouts’ welcome and acceptance letter arrived along with a long packing list. My butterflies did a tummy-happy dance!

Fast forward 52 years: Little did I know that this experience - from planning to packing to possibilities - would set the foundation for my future writing, books, events, and leading Vision Quests. How could I have known? These weeks proved to be a magical adventure while also learning how to embrace nature and make s’mores!

After reflecting on my summer camp adventures, several profound set-up for success lessons emerged. Surprisingly, I realized these principles are woven throughout my life; they can also be found on every social media platform spreading the Girl Scouts’ many positive messages.

The Four Set-up For Success Lessons From Summer Camp include the principles of: Family, Fearlessness, Fascination, and Friends.

#1 Success Lesson: Family is a set-up for support.

I asked to attend summer camp and it was given. Asking my family for support took courage. Had I not asked, this life-changing summer camp might have become a lifetime regret. It’s important to remember that regardless of history, your family is the tribe you contracted with many moons ago to support you - in fact they’re always conspiring for your success. Over time I’ve also learned that I am a part of many families: biological, spiritual, and professional.

Be open to boldly ask your family for support. Ask for that heart’s desire – for whatever inner whisper you’re following like the bread crumbs in the story of Hansel and Gretel. Eventually, you will get there.

#2 Success Lesson: Fear is a set-up for fearlessness.

There’s the saying: Be careful what you ask for. It wasn’t long before fear swallowed me up like an over-sized sleeping bag. Dark thoughts crept in like: What was I thinking? This would be the first

4 Set-up For

Success Lessons

From Summer Camp

By Lorraine Monique “Lore” Raymond

20| ElementsForAHealthierLife.com | June 2016