Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 17

A Manicured Lawn,

Two Girls,

& A Garden Hose

My daddy is the meticulous lawn guy. Our neighbor’s eyes would twitch at the sound of his lawn equipment way before the noise pollutant code at 5:45 am. “Do ya know it’s not 7 am?” his neighbors bantered. A pull of a string and my daddy’s lawn mower would hum, and zip around the yard in a certain pattern only known to him. He would sit back and smile his big grin at his picture perfect green lawn.

Enter me, his innovative, creative daughter that had her own special notions and ideas. My yard became the go-to-hub called into action, and this time out comes the plastic for a slip and slide. My daddy’s smile now a glare, and yet secretly amused his dear girl found something cool and inexpensive to occupy herself and her little sister; all while watering the front yard. The perimeters were drawn; 'stay on the lawn and do not ruin the flower beds.'

Next was the hose with a steady trickle in just the right way. Ready, set, hop. Only one hop was needed to jump-start the action. Hop, run, and plop; zipping down the water and plastic. Ready, set- add instant

laughter and giggles. Some days we would jazz it up by blowing bubbles; or we would create a smoother slide drizzling the bubble mix on the plastic.

One day, as he was nursing the

plant damage control, he just about gave up when he saw me in a snorkeling mask and flippers, and my sister was wearing a life jacket. He dropped the hose,

and told our mother, “she’s at it again.” My mom looked outside saw me dragging the wading pool to the end of the slip and slide; this was perfect for some fun splashing at the end of a run.

We were having such a great time that lawn is more mud than anything. Little did we know that we were so fashion forward with our glowing skin and mud caked

By Natasha Botkin

...he just about gave up when he sees me in a snorkeling mask and flippers, and my sister is wearing a life jacket.

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