Elegant Wedding Toronto Summer / Fall 2017 Summer/Fall 2017 - Page 112

The Bride Says… “No matter how stressful everything may get, always remember why you are getting married and everything else will fall into place. Trust your vendors, because at the end of the day, they are the professionals and know what they are doing. Remember it is your day, so do it the way you want and don’t allow anyone else to tell you any different. Always remember to enjoy the day because it goes so fast!” The Reception | As guests made their way into the whimsical reception, they found themselves welcomed by a plethora of exquisite food: a Prosecco station, deluxe antipasto bar and four-course meal. Throughout the evening, humorous and heartfelt speeches were made by the bridal party, family members and newlyweds. Everyone remained entertained once the dance floor opened with a live bongo player and photo booth. The Decor | Gabriella and Luigi’s enchanted pink and white wedding recep- tion was decorated head to toe by R5 Event Design. To create the illusion of the forest indoors, white lacquer tables dispersed throughout the room featured an array of lush centrepieces that included cherry blossom trees and 12-foot wisteria trees. Multi-level candles were lit, chandeliers hung with cascading wisteria and the head table featured a backdrop of \ܘ[[[Y[܋]XZ[[\[˂\[[[[ X܎H][\YۈQKB\Έ[[Y[HY[[[Y[K