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flowers & decor : Creations by Gitta | CreationsbyGitta.ca | 416-665-7947 How They Met | Daniel and Sofia first met at a high school party. Although the two attended different schools growing up, they had friends in common. Years after meeting, during the summer of 2011, their love story took off when they ended up as teammates on a recreational beach volleyball team. Daniel’s on-the-court skills impressed Sofia so much she couldn’t help but develop a crush. Over the summer the two grew quite close thanks to mutual friends who spent almost every weekend together. Later that year when a visit to a friend’s cottage was planned, Daniel and Sofia solidified their bond by talking, laughing and flirting well into the early morning hours. That night, both realized they wanted to be much more than friends. The Ceremony | The St. Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church, where Sofia grew up attending every Sunday in her youth, was where she and Daniel decided to host their ceremony. Since the church not only held a special place in Sofia’s heart but Daniel’s as well (the two attended mass together shortly after becoming a couple), they immediately gravitated towards it after getting engaged as an appropriate place to exchange their vows. The ceremony was simple, intimate and included close family and friends. To this day, Daniel and Sofia consider the moment their eyes met at opposite ends of the aisle one of their most cherished memories. ELEGANT EDDING.CA 85