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photography : Little Blue Lemon | LittleBlueLemon.com | 416-250-6042 How They Met | A shopping mall love story unfolded as Marianna and Andre met while working their part-time jobs. Marianna worked at a Greek fast-food restaurant, while Andre worked at a skate shop. As if by fate and fervour, Andre’s hunger pangs carried him to the food court and into the arms of love; he went for the Gyro wraps and kept going back for the girl. Eventually the two realized they went to the same university and even had mutual friends, allowing them the opportunity to grow their relationship. The Ceremony | The couple decided to honour their grandparents by marrying in a Greek Orthodox Church with close family, friends and a massive 16- person wedding party. Interestingly enough, the church was unfinished and under construction, which Marianna felt was a great metaphor for marriage itself. Things are always changing, growing, “under construction,” and the best way to move forward is to always communicate and experience life together as a family and community. linens , rentals & decor : Creations by Gitta | CreationsbyGitta.ca ELEGANT EDDING.CA 71