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Buy the Dress Perhaps the most motivating part of being assigned a flower girl is getting the chance to try on dresses. Let’s face it, the moment she slips one on she feels like a princess. It’s up to you to decide if you want the dress to remain white or reflect a colour associated with your theme. Either way, what matters most is she can walk and sit in it comfortably. Accessorize Want to give your flower girls an accessory they’ll adore? Fashion your mini-me with a flower crown or bouquet similar to your exist- ing arrangements. Better yet, give your flower girl a basket or cone containing petals she can toss on her way down the aisle. Not a fan of flowers? Simply accent her dress with a silk ribbon sash and hand her a fancy wand she can carry so she isn’t empty-handed. 46 Assign her Duties Without making your flower girl too nervous, make sure you take her aside before the wedding letting her know what she has to do. Present her with a children’s book about flower girls to get her eager for the role and spend some time rehearsing. If you have more than one, have them meet beforehand so they’re familiar with each other. Once the groomsmen and bridesmaids have taken their place at the altar, it’s their time to shine. Assign one of your maids to look after her and tell them where to sit once their job is complete. At the end of the day you want her to be happy! flower girl dresses : photography : Lil Miss Dress Up | LilMissDressUp.com Motion D Photography | MotionDPhotography.com