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The Decor | Michael (a carpenter) and Shannon (a fantasy nerd) created a beautiful combination of their favourite things for their decor scheme. Candles lit up the stone archways; lush greens with hints of wisteria surrounded the space; and each table was named after a Lord of the Rings location (i.e. Lothlórien). To top off the whole look, the couple sat in what they like to call “king chairs” at their head table. MPSG Weddings captured every extraordinary moment. MPSG Weddings | 647-692-6774 | MPSG Weddings is a collective of award-winning artists offering a more personalized and boutique experience for your wedding day. We are passionate and very grateful to do what we absolutely love which is capturing the love, spark, and emotion in every wedding! Our style of photography is focused on great lighting, beautiful compositions, and true emotions. We are known for making the ordinary look extraordinary with our craftsmanship and capturing incredible moments through our empathetic eye. | mpsgweddings.com 145 145