Elegant Wedding Toronto 2019 EWM TORONTO_2 - Page 150

The Bride Says… “Breathe. It’s about love and love is more powerful than anything negative. Leave the stress in the bridal suite or before you get there if you can! Enjoy the pre-wedding moments with your bridesmaids and your parents (and kids if you have them)! If you are really nervous, write your husband-to-be a note with how you are feeling. It might just be the thing that reminds you of the celebration to come.” The Reception | The medieval-inspired architecture and European balconies of Shannon and Michael’s reception venue provided the perfect backdrop for their Lord of the Rings theme. Shannon’s older cousin Adrian (who flew in from Vancouver to be the MC) serenaded them during dinner; guests had to either kiss or sing to get the newlyweds to kiss; and the children prepared adorable speeches. Of the whole reception, Shannon’s favourite moment was when Michael did the garter dance (he has moves!) and Michael’s favourite moment was enjoying a huge slice of Hobbit-inspired hazelnut-chocolate cake with his new bride. & videography : MPSG Weddings | MPSGWeddings.com photography 144