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photography & videography : MPSG Weddings | MPSGWeddings.com | 647-692-6774 How They Met | Shannon and Michael met at an event almost a decade ago. The moment they saw each other from across the room, they attracted like magnets. Once Michael had found out Shannon’s name, he went over to introduce himself. Suffice it to say, they didn’t separate the rest of the evening. He touched her hand several times to make his feelings known, and when Shannon got ready to leave, he stopped her at the door. She ended up leaving without giving him her number, however he found her online and two weeks later she agreed to go on a date. The Ceremony | Standing in front of each other at the altar, Shannon and Michael felt as though they had crossed both the start and finish line. Together they’ve been through life-altering events that can tear a couple apart, so finally getting to share their love with each other in front of witnesses made all the hard times worth it. Their daughter Avrael (eight) was the flower girl, their son, Caven (two and a half), was the ring bearer (he wore a sign that said, “Daddy, here comes Mommy”) and to honour their Christian faith, the groom made the ceremony cross. The moment the kids turned the corner to walk down the aisle, Michael wept knowing that his bride would be next. ELEGANT EDDING.CA 143