Elegant Wedding Toronto 2019 EWM TORONTO_2 - Page 135

photography : Ever After Photographers | EverAfterPhotographers.com | 647-924-0309 The Bride Says… “You can spend one year planning ‘the perfect day,’ but none of it matters when you look at your loved one when you say ‘I do.’ In that moment the world disap- pears, everything fades into the background. You cannot see, you cannot hear, all you do is feel.” The Ceremony | With Izzy and Stacie both hopeful romantics, the ceremony was the most important part. To emphasize their love for each other, they used the unlimited power of nature as their inspiration. Hanging flowers and vines throughout the chuppah posed as the crucial design feature when they said their vows. The ceremony set the mood and theme for the rest of the wedding, trans- porting guests into an enchanted garden of romance and timeless elegance. The Reception | Elaborating on the theme of enchantment, the reception was planned to be intimate but full of fun. With music selected as an essential facet of the wedding, Izzy and Stacie had a nine-person band and a DJ to ensure that music was playing at all times. Guests enjoyed fresh cuisine with notes of sum- mer to reflect the season, and when the first dance took place outside, everyone held a sparkler. Ever After Photographers captured the entire day seamlessly. The Decor | The designated colour palette for Izzy and Stacie’s reception decor was green, cream, ivory and gold. Tables consisted of distressed wood har- vest tables (family-style), ornate cream-coloured lace runners with chargers and stemware featuring gold detailing. As for the florals, plenty of centrepieces lined the tables alongside candles, while hanging installations were draped over tables incorporating the same vines and orchids seen in the chuppah for the ceremony. ELEGANT EDDING.CA 129