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Kristin & Brett June 8, 2018 How They Met | Brett and Kristin (both lawyers), met working at the same firm; however didn’t get to interact much since they were situated in different departments. What ultimately brought them together was frequent run-ins at the gym on the rowing machine—both rowed varsity in university at different times for different schools. While most people using the rowing machine would hop on and off after five minutes, Brett and Kristin would use it for 20 or 30 minutes. Eventually the two coordinated their workouts and trained together. After about a month, Brett asked Kristin to grab a drink with him after work. From that first date, both knew there was something special. The Bride Says… “You will understandably want every- thing to be perfect on your wedding day, but recognize that if things aren’t exactly as planned, that’s OK. In the end, what you remember more than anything else is the way you felt that day. Focus on the joy you feel about getting married and being surrounded by your family and friends.” photography : 110 Amy Cheshire Photography | AmyCheshire.com