Elegant Wedding Montreal Digital Magazine 2018 ELEGANT WEDDING 2018 - Page 61

flowers: Lelili Fleurs | Lelili.ca | 450-687-7778 house floral decor: Lelili Fleurs | Lelili.ca How They Met | Nareg and Celine met seven years ago through Facebook. He added her, they started talking, and (from what Nareg can remember) all she ever did was study for CPA exams. Thankfully, he remained patient until they set up a first date at a restaurant. The next day, Nareg called Celine to meet again and they’ve been together ever since. On the couple’s fifth anniversary, Nareg surprised Celine with a scavenger hunt proposal to which she gladly said “yes!” international cocktails and oyster bar, while the seated three-course meal offered a choice of filet mignon, sea bass and vegetarian option. At the stroke of midnight, the newlyweds cut into their towering white and gold cake to a series of pyrotechnics. There to keep everyone’s appetites peaked was a late night buffet serving waffles, zaatar pizza and assorted cheeses. The Reception | Following the traditional Armenian ceremony, Nareg and Celine welcomed guests to a luxurious white and gold reception filled wi ܘ[B[[H]\ˈY\H]]Y\ܛYYHܙ[ܘ\Y\[H8'^BXH[x'HHX\[۞Hݙ\H^Y\وHYH X\[H\Y]]B]\HۊH[8'XZٝKݙx'HH[H[X[\HH]\\]XKZ[\ۜ\YوH[\YۙH[\Z[\[X[ۈوHX܈\Y[[[H[YXY]H[]وHܙ[\HY[œ\ۘ[^YZ\ۈ\\]]H[]Z[[X܋[[H]\˜ݙ\YH[[ܛ\XYXH]\Y[Xx&\X][]BܘYYX[[HۈH[[X[[\Y\X\[\YX\ۜ\Yو[[Y]]H\܈ܞ\[[[XK[]\[ۙB[\YHKH\\[ \X][\\XY[HZ\X]˂SQSQSːH L