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Event Planner Eliana Akl: Rox-Out | rox-out.com | 514.503.2736 STUNNING TRANSFORMATION How They Met | Micheal and Nanssi met on a plane both while going to visit their families. From falling in love at first sight to getting engaged, things moved fast as each was ready to take the next step. When time came to choose a location for the wedding, both hearts were set on Lebanon. Before Micheal and Nanssi knew it, over 200 family and friends from around the world were invited to attend a royal-inspired celebration in Beirut. The Ceremony | The space for the ceremony (originally the parking lot of the Chateau Rweiss) was completely redesigned to reflect the couple’s wishes of a mod- ern fairytale. Chandeliers were hung from the ceiling, crystal candelabras and white flowers filled the space, and mirror plaques were used to create the aisle. By the time decorating was complete, the parking lot was unrecognizable. As for the attire, bride Nanssi wore a custom princess dress by Chrystelle Atallah (who also designed a mini replica for the bridesmaid) that took six months to create. ELEGANT EDDING.CA 43