Elegant Wedding Montreal Digital Magazine 2018 ELEGANT WEDDING 2018 - Page 32

ALAIN SIMON Fleuriste Créateur Alain Simon has created original floral decor for more than 30 years and become widely-known for his clarity in cre- ative expression. What defines his style? His outstanding love of flowers which opens his mind to see the beauty of nature with such clearness. “With my bag of tricks and the contrasts of the world, I create floral stories for the delight of flower lovers.” For Alain, these floral stories are floral decor carefully prepared to dazzle guests. “I have so many ideas that I just need to realize and see them come to life.” He may be the creative director of all his projects, but Alain also thoroughly enjoys using his hands and getting deep into the creative process. His art defines who he is. It is with this humility that Alain Simon passionately creates for the world to appreciate. Photography: Christina Esteban Photography Creative Lighting: Eventex 24