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photography: Bonnallie Brodeur Photographes | BonnallieBrodeur.com | 514-884-2306 How They Met | Marie-Pierre and Félix met through mutual friends at a party. Even though the two didn’t have the chance to talk a lot, Marie-Pierre left her number with a friend to give to Félix before departing because she thought Félix was the handsomest man she’d ever seen. Exactly 12 hours later, he called. They met for a drink, two days later met for dinner and have been together ever since. The Reception & Decor | Once the ceremony was finished, the sun came out and the couple had everyone take part in cocktail hour out on the terrace before dinner. A marquee was setup for the reception where everyone sat, ate, drank and laughed the night away. The fact that Félix and Marie-Pierre got to celebrate and be served in their own backyard put them on cloud nine. The Ceremony |Since Marie-Pierre and Félix envisioned an intimate wedding with only close family members in attendance—parents, siblings and kids—the ceremony took place in their backyard. Félix’s aunt officiated, both fathers said a few words and everyone laughed and cried (Marie-Pierre especially). It was simple, perfect and Bonnallie Brodeur Photographes captured every detail flawlessly. The Decor | Simple and charming was the overall goal for the Pinterest-inspired decor. Everything under the tent was homemade/DIY including the pennants, lanterns and flower boxes on the ground. Marie-Pierre took care of making the centrepieces by using mason jars, baby’s breath and roses, meanwhile Félix made the wedding stand with a friend. ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS B onnallie B rodeur |On pourrait vous dire que nous sommes talentueux, sympathiques, audacieux, uniques… mais mine de rien, on est un brin modeste ! On vous invite plutôt à le constater par vous-mêmes, mais n’oubliez pas que quand on place deux grands esprits créatifs avec un appareil photo entre les mains, pour votre grand bon- heur, le tout sera toujours plus grand que la somme des parties ! BonnallieBrodeur.com| 514 884 2306 ELEGANT EDDING.CA 127