Elegant Wedding Montreal Digital Magazine 2018 ELEGANT WEDDING 2018 - Page 109

photography: Inhouse Studios Photography | InhousePhotoStudio.com | 514-367-4422 How They Met | Samantha and Christopher sat beside each other in class and quickly formed a great friendship. She swore to a friend of hers that one day she would marry him, and two years later, they started dating. After six years of being a couple, Samantha and Christopher got married on October 14th, 2017. The Ceremony | As the officiant said, Samantha and Christopher’s small and intimate ceremony was “short and to the point.” What mattered most to the cou- ple was that the two families became one and witnessed the joining of hands. The Reception | Blush roses, plenty of candles and crawling vines were how Samantha and Christopher decorated their ballroom reception. Guests enjoyed great music, delicious food and tasteful drinks all while celebrating the cou- ple’s love. Inhouse Studios Photography effortlessly captured every special moment. wedding gown: Créations Vézina | CreationsVezina.com ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER C harles C iliberto | Inhouse Studios Photography is a Montréal-based boutique wedding photography studio. Utilizing our beautiful city, Mon- tréal, as an urban architectural landscape, we strive in capturing expressive storytelling moments with fashionable flair. We are available locally and internationally for wedding and lifestyle photography commissions. INHOUSEPHOTOSTUDIO.COM | 514-367-4422 ELEGANT EDDING.CA 101