Elegant Wedding Montreal 2017/18 ELEGANT WEDDING MONTREAL 2017:18 - Page 88

LOOKS TO INSPIRE Combining elements of the past, fashion designers have created dresses that are a true testament of time. Co- loured gowns, full skirts, and delicate adornment bring the legendary wedding dress to a new level. Princess-style gowns are at the height of romantic allure; they contin- ue to influence the wedding ritual. In the ancient times, when fabrics were hand spun, the quality of the mate- rial showed off the royal status of the person. Blue was considered to be the colour of fortune, faithfulness and prosperity. Perhaps this is why its resurgence in the wed- ding scene is so natural. Other bright colours have their roots from ancient traditions and are still used today. Indian and Asian brides wear gold and red to symbol- ize luck and prosperity. This fusion of cultures, customs, and haute couture has brought the wedding gown to its ultimate beauty. gown designed by: Melissa Gentile Bridal Couture | MelissaGentile.com photography: LISA + EDDY Photography | LisaPlusEddy.com hair and makeup: NĂ¼va Beauty & Spa | Nuva.ca 86