Elegant Wedding Montreal 2017/18 ELEGANT WEDDING MONTREAL 2017:18 - Page 80

décor & flowers: Fêtes Grenadine FetesGrenadine.com stationery: Fêtes Grenadine FetesGrenadine.com location: Hotel Nelligan HotelNelligan.com photography: Eva-Photo Eva-photo.com furniture rentals: Joe’s Prop House JoesPropHouse.com cake: Pâtisserie Dolci Più DolciPiu.ca 78 Love that is passionate deserves a fiery feast! Epicurean touches of grilled and smoky plates were incorporated to enhance the desert feel of cacti and succulent plants, meanwhile vibrant flowers and subtle feathers were added to the mix to provide a blazing colour palette. Dare by blending Baja textures with amber and copper tones for a rich decor scheme that inspires romance and wilderness.