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photography: Omega Photographie & Video | OmegaPhoto.com | 514-277-7095 How They Met | When David met Audrey for the first time as a teenager, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Let’s just say, he never imagined he would end up marrying her. As the years passed by, David and Audrey ended up spend- ing more time together working at the same camp. They became good friends, shared the same sense of humour and values, but David was in another relationship at the time. After a few more years, David became single again and he knew it was the perfect time to finally ask Audrey out on a date. Fast-forward to 2015 when David’s sister was getting married in Israel, and he thought to himself, “what better way to propose to my future wife than in the Holy Land?” It was a beautiful day, the whole family decided to go to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and that’s where he asked her to marry him. The Ceremony & Reception | The moment after Audrey said, “yes” David asked his father to help plan the wedding. He, of course, was thrilled and immedi- ately began calling his friends to prepare what would be a huge wedding. On August 22, 2016, Audrey and David got married in front of over 400 friends and family members. At the Orthodox synagogue where the ceremony took place, Audrey held a beautiful orchid bouquet as she made her way down the aisle to a draped chuppah covered in white flowers surrounded by greenery. From the DJ to the caterer, flo- rist and photographer, every vendor that contributed put together a flawless day that guests are still talking about. rentals : hair : PHOTOGRAPHIE & VIDEO Celebrations | CelebrationsGroup.com Deauville Coiffsure • Spa | SalonDeauville.com ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER O mega P hoto | At Omega, our style of photography captures special moments of happiness, joy, honesty and love. You can always expect beautiful images that are inviting and warm, creative and unique, edgy and fashion-forward. It is our privilege to create beautifully finished photographs that match both the styles and personalities of the people in them. OmegaPhoto.com | (514) 277-7095 65