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The Bride Says… “Just enjoy the moment! It goes by faster than you could ever imagine! Soak up every moment and just enjoy the ride!” The Reception | As a way of paying homage to the place that brought them together, Natasha and Girolamo booked none other than Roma Receptions for their reception. Along with the cherished memories, the food, decor and service proved to be amazing the night of the wedding. Since the bride’s mother owns the venue, she went above and beyond to ensure every detail was perfect. The hall remained at full capacity until five in the morning. ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS M arrone F ilms | Give us a camera and we’re the kid in the candy store. You’ll feel our excitement in every shot we take. You’ll feel our passion in every moment we capture. At Marrone Films our photography and cinematography teams work together seamlessly and with complementary styles, guaranteeing the very best photo and video opportunities throughout your wedding day. MARRONEFILMS.COM| 514-856-2362 58