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Deliciously Fine Catering: O&B Events and Catering | oliverbonacinievents.com A fine meal is always a meal to remember. Catering for your big day there- fore requires the appropriate care and attention. The preparation and pre- sentation is an integral part of the message you convey to your guests. Your meal can set the stage for a favourite theme or it can reflect traditions. Cus- tomary dishes and specialized preparation render a tasteful exploration for the palate. An impeccable multi-course meal coupled with the right wine is sure to leave a lasting impression. Ask the experts about their own sig- nature dishes or drinks. They can offer unique food and drink served in multicoloured glasses or cocktails with a little extra colour to match your theme—you can even name an original drink after the two of you. From the ideal hors d’oeuvres to welcome everyone to your venue to a delectable meal, catering is part of your personal expression as well as a formal ex- pression of appreciation extended to your guests. The caterer will advise you about what is best for your wedding. If you want specific champa gne, wine and select spirits, discuss all the options in ad- vance. Inquire about recent trends and personal favourites and always stay 32 true to your vision. Provide such information as your personal favourites but also give them an idea of your guests. Your caterer will be an invaluable source of inspiration, providing practical and artistic solutions to all your needs. Designated a national historic site by the government of Canada, Le Mount Stephen is one of Montréal’s most treasured sites, and home to the city’s newest boutique hotel. Formerly an exclusive neo-renaissance social club and the home of Scottish-born businessman, George Stephen, the building has been carefully restored in an effort to maintain its unique façade, price- less architecture and heritage value. Offering top-notch food and service from Chef Amanda Ray and the O&B Events and Catering team, as well as a dedicated Event Specialist to take the stress out of planning, we ensure your soirée leaves a lasting impression on your guests.