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EDITOR’S TOP REGISTRY PICKS Breville’s Oracle® Touch™ Breville’s Oracle® Touch™ simplifies and automates the process of producing true café-quality coffee. With the intuitive touch screen technology, simply swipe, select and enjoy. Choose from a full menu of classic beverages—from espresso, Americano, latte, cappuccino, or flat white. The Oracle® Touch™ allows you to adjust grind size, temperature, extraction time, and milk texture, for enhanced customization. Save up to eight personalized settings with unique name and image icons for future convenience. It’s never been easier to achieve café-quality coffee, at home. Just one of the many rea- sons why the Specialty Coffee Association titled the Oracle® Touch™ as the “2017 Best New Product” in the consumer coffee and tea preparation and serving category. More info: www.breville.ca Precision Brewer™ Inspired by coffee culture’s burgeoning trend towards locally roasted craft coffee, the Precision Brewer™ appeals to the coffee enthusiast’s desire for café-quality brew at home. Following the key principles used in top cafés, the Breville Precision Brewer™ delivers precise PID temperature control and optimizes water flow and contact time, which taken together, allow you to automatically produce the best tasting cup of coffee from your favourite beans, no matter which style you prefer to make. The Precision Brewer™ is incredibly versatile with accommodation of both basket and cone filters, allowing the home barista to experience the latest in craft coffee trends, all at home. These include the Cold Brew, Pour-over (with available pour over adapter sold separately) and a My-Brew setting, that empowers the most passionate home barista to customize contact time, temperature and bloom time. More info: www.breville.ca The Smoking Gun™ The Smoking Gun™ makes it possible to enhance flavour by adding an additional layer of complexity and distinct smoky taste to an unlimited variety of culinary fare, from meats, fish, cocktails and drinks, sauces and dips, marinades, fillings, cheeses, vegetables, snacks and more. Infuse dishes with natural smokehouse flavours and aromas, like Applewood—for a slightly sweet, fruity profile that complements delicate meats, whipped butter, cocktails and more— or hickory’s strong and earthy notes that pair well with richer foods like beef, pork and vegetables. Extend the possibilities with teas, black pepper, and spices, which can also be used in the chamber to infuse an even wider variety of flavours. More info: www.breville.ca Smart Oven® Air: A far cry from decades of toaster-ovens, the Smart Oven® Air is Breville’s answer to the home chef ’s growing need for kitchen technology that does-it-all. With super convention dual-speed fan control, a greater volume of air moves to ensure fast and even roasting, air frying and dehydrat- ing. Roast a 14 pound turkey, slow cook pulled pork in your 5 Litre Dutch oven, bake muffins in your standard 12 cup muffin tray, proof yeast for precision baking, broil salmon skin to crispy brown, achieve gently rising soufflés, and air-fry French fries, chicken wings, and more, to the desired golden, crispy texture. More info: www.breville.ca 22