Elegant Wedding Montreal 2017/18 ELEGANT WEDDING MONTREAL 2017:18 - Page 147

photography: Inhouse Studios Photography | www.InhousePhotoStudio.com | 514-367-4422 The Bride Says… “Slow down. The day is going to fly by and before you know it…it’s over. Stop at some points and enjoy the view and all the people who’ve come to celebrate your day with you.” How They Met |Anastasia and Marco met while out at a dinner club in Montreal with some friends. As they began to talk, Anastasia recalled being instantly captivated by his dreamy blue eyes. That night, they exchanged phone numbers. Not long after, Anastasia was charmed further when Marco messaged her making sure she got home safe. One week later, he picked her up like a true gentleman for their first date. They’ve now been together for nearly eight years. The Ceremony | What the couple really wanted was a romantic and intimate ceremo- ny with close friends and family. Not too far from the Atwater Market, the church’s grand entrance, gold-painted archways and stained glass dome window needed little decoration. The Reception | Thanks to a wonderful team of vendors, Anastasia and Marco’s reception was a perfect celebration in the Old Port of Montreal. The industrial atmo- sphere of the venue was exactly what they envisioned as a backdrop to their dark and romantic theme filled with gold elements. All of the guests thoroughly en YYB[XY[K [[HX܈[[HH\[[YH]H\\[]K[\\XH[X\[XY]K[X\H\\܈Z\X܋]H[[[\\\]YHX\[ۙ]X[]H[\\Hܘ[ˈݙ\[H[YHۈH\\\H\x&\\]YHY]X\XK^Y^X[^X[BPUHԐTT\\[X\[\HY[ܘ\H\H[۝X[ X\Y]\]YHY[ܘ\HY[ˈ][^[\X]]Y[]K[۝X[ \[\[\]X\[[\KH]H[\\[^\]Hܞ][[[]\[ۘXHZ\H\B]Z[XH[H[[\][ۘ[H܈Y[[Y\[Hܘ\H[Z\[ۜˈSTTQSːH LM L͍M M