Elegant Wedding Montreal 2017/18 ELEGANT WEDDING MONTREAL 2017:18 - Page 135

photography: Lana Nimmons Photography | PhotographerLana.com | 514-992-5262 How They Met | Although Bridget and Behrouz grew up close to each other, the first time they met was through mutual friends during university. Once school was finished and both lived abroad, they made a point of keeping in touch and staying friends. Twelve years later, the stars aligned: both were single and living in the same city. Coincidentally, they matched at 99 per cent on an online dating site before de- ciding to let their friendship evolve into something more. The Ceremony| Hotel Nelligan in the Old Port of Montreal provided the ideal lo- cation for Bridget and Behrouz’s simple ceremony. Four groomsmen and bridemaids walked down the aisle in pairs, followed by the flower girl and the couple’s old pug, Badger, as the ring bearer, before they recited their own vows. The Reception | It was important that the reception reflect two of Bridget and Behrouz’s core values: great food and casual entertainment. First, the newlyweds shared the first dance; then, four speeches were given (one in between each course), followed by the bride and her father performing a jaw-dropping X\\[K[XYو][HZKH\HY\H\\HHZYYۘX˜\Y]XX\ۜ HYx&\]\]JH[][H ]\[ۙx&\]\]JK^YΈ^X[^X[H[YN[[Y[[[Y[BPUHԐTT[H[[[ۜx&[HHY[[ܝZ]ܘ\\[HݙH]HH^H[\XHۙ\[]\\H^HY[&B\[H\[HZ\[\X\X[[\\XY\]XˈH[Y]H]ܘ\H[[HܞH]]][X]H[\[ B\ˈ^H\ۙH[]]\HY[\^YY^X][ۜ[]\ٞHH\Kܘ\\[KH LM NNLMLL