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photography: Andrew Monia Photografikart | AndrewMonia.com | 514-758-2639 How They Met | Jade’s best friend (and bridesmaid) is the one who introduced her to John. After working with the groom-to-be for a few years, she realized the two would make a great couple. Sure enough, on a summer afternoon in July of 2013, she organized a small work event at Parc Jean-Drapeau and invited Jade to attend. When John and Jade met, the connection was instantaneous. Three years later, with a love that continues to grow each day, they couldn’t be happier. The Ceremony | John and Jade hosted a wonderful Greek Orthodox meets French- Canadian culture-filled ceremony for their family and friends. As the bride made her way down the aisle and the couple said their “I do’s,” the space radiated with positive energy and happiness from everyone in attendance. The Reception & Decor | From the “getting ready” photos to the crystal-filled reception, Andrew Monia Photografikart captured each moment of John and Jade’s classic wedding with ease. Wearing a gorgeous gown by Créations Vézina, Jade hosted guests to a classic white wedding. Dozens of chandeliers were hung from the ceiling, white baroque furniture and silver accents filled the room and soft blue lighting set the mood. Everything came together just as they had envisioned. Wedding Gown: Créations Vézina | CreationsVezina.com ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER A ndrew M onia | I am a passionate photographer who loves what he does! My goal is to provide the best photographic experience designed to bring out the true nature and spirit of your event. A ndrew M onia . com | 514.758.2639 ELEGANT EDDING.CA 105