Electrical Gems Issue 147 Oct-Nov 2018 - Page 34

FEATURE DOWN THE TRAINING TOOLS ISSUE HOT TOPIC COLOUR ADJUSTABLE LEDS TO QUOTE ZOOLANDER, TUNABLE LED IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW. BUT WE’RE FINDING NOT ALL WHITE LIGHT IS CREATED EQUAL. ather than rely on a fixed-colour bulb, colour adjustable lighting allows you to choose the mood and the setting you want, wherever you want. Whether you’re chilling in front of the TV, reading in bed or hosting a dinner party, you can set the mood with hues from warm to cool to coloured, all the while using less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting. However, not all ‘white light’ is the same. Craig Hewitt, managing director and head of trade at Ledvance Australia, says the tri-colour revolution has taken off massively. “We offer tri-colour in every internal luminaire that we do from battens and panels to oysters to downlights.” Yet there is a growing awareness that there is a potential problem with LED colour adjustable (also known as white R tuning) lighting. Even if you go with the best product and set the lights at all the same colour, when you set them side-by-side they may not look identical. Contractors must be aware that this can happen and choose accordingly, perhaps selecting a single-colour LED as circumstances require. Hewitt agrees it is a problem the industry has encountered. “People in major projects are requesting single-coloured fixtures because they believe there’s more colour consistency when they put them up in an office space of three or four hundred panels or three or four hundred downlights. “In residential premises, it’s not as much of a concern, because you don’t have 20 or 30 different fittings and the colour shift is mostly – with good quality 34 GEMCELL.COM.AU OCT – NOV 2018 product – not detectable by the human eye, because you need a colour shift of two to three M XY[H[[[HYYB\[[H] [[[x&\H[[[HKB\Z^\]Z]H[[]^K]\]X[]HKX\][\H[HHY[]B\[[ۈ]Y[\˜X]\H]\[\^H\B[YH\ˈ]]\YB\[HH[[\KX\ۙHو[H\[˜H\HXZˈ]8&\HۙH\Y˜HH\[[HZ^ 'B[[ۈ&Qۛ[KX\][›X[Y\]\[XH[]–X[[܈YۚYH [\“Y[K^\[\\B[X\وۜ[Y\[[\X[X]ݚYB[XXK[XXH܂ܘ[[XXH\[\\]\\˂Y[HQ\\\ۛYKP\]'H۝[YH[ܙX\HBܝ[ˈH\X\Y\Y\[\YKHX\˜\H[H[و\[[\˸'BH^\][][\B[Z[Z\\[H[H[[][ۂ]^X]H[YHY\܈]X[]H\H]œ[Y[ۋ'\X[ܙ\[[][\[\X[XY\]BY[Z[\\Y\ݙ\HYX\˂YH[[\][وB[Z[Z\\H[YH][XBH\]ۈHX ^H[[[ܞH[]HB[YH\[\\]\K'H[\H\[\