Electrical Gems Issue 147 Oct-Nov 2018 - Page 16

FEATURE DOWN THE TRAINING TOOLS ISSUE YOU’RE HIRED TAKING ON AN APPRENTICE COULD BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE AND FUTURE PROOF YOUR BUSINESS. NOW AND THEN OH APPRENTICESHIPS, HOW YOU’VE CHANGED! Jordan Van Someren is a third year electrical apprentice. “I always wanted to get a trade as I love working with my hands. I get up early, pack my esky and show up to the work shed at 6.45am where I talk to the boss about the day ahead. We do a wide range of work from control to the maintenance of government offices, from working in orchards to cool rooms. I work with the boss all day, with a smoko and lunch in between. After eight hours, I pack up and head home. The best thing about the job is learning about how things work, especially when I wire some equipment up and it actually works. Being a sparky means you learn a lot about other trades too. I think apprenticeships have changed since my boss trained. Today we have much better technology available. Also we’re lucky that a good education is more accessible today than I think it would have been in those days. It’s definitely not easy work though – you need to fully apply yourself and work hard to try and meet the boss’s standards. I’d definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship. It’s a 16 GEMCELL.COM.AU OCT – NOV 2018 f someone told you you could hire an employee who has exactly the right skills for your team and knows your business inside out, then you’d jump at the chance to get them on board. That’s why hiring an apprentice could be the best thing you ever do for your company. When you take on an apprentice, you can customise their training; in other words, you help them learn the skills and gain the knowledge you require to make your business more efficient. “There are so many benefits to taking on an apprentice,” says team leader of electrical at Shepparton’s GOTAFE’s Electrotechnology department, Allan McLean. “You future-proof your business against skills shortages with relatively inexpensive labour costs, as well as keep skills in your local area.” Having an apprentice can also encourage change and growth in a business; a new employee often makes other team members re-evaluate work processes, which can boost productivity and efficiency. Of course, employing an apprentice comes with some responsibility. “Apprentices need to attend 40 days a year at TAFE over the first three years, and a shorter period in the final fourth year,” says McLean. This means you’ll need to make allowances in your work I great way to learn and get paid at the s ѥͼ)ѡɔɔ݅́Ѽ)Ʌ́مݡɔ)ԁ=׊eɔՅ)׊eɔՅȁt)I͕ѵ)́ɥ)ѕȁQɐ)eȁɕѥ) ɑѽȁ)ձɸ=ٕ)%ѥєQ=Q!)́ɥ)ɕѥ͡ɽۊL(+qȁѡЁ啅ȁ)ɕѥ͡ЁMA 1ѕ)$͕݅́ЁѼѡ=ɑ)ѽ䁥 )Q̤5䁍͕́)Ё啅ȁɕѥ́ѡɔ)͕啅ȁ$ɕɹ)Ё͕Ѽ)ݽɭȁȁ̰͕ٕ͡)́ݕɥѡ)͕ͽɥݥѠ)ٕѡɕݕ̸5)٥ͽȁ݅́ɐ)ٕ䁑ձЁѼ͔$)݅́ѕѼݽɬɐ)ݡեєɕͥи)QɅ٥ɽЁ݅)ɥѕȁѡЁ́ѽ丁e)eЁɝՔݥѠѡѕ)ԁѡɕեɕݽɬ)ѥ䁙͡Qɔݕɔ)ٕ䁙܁ɥѕ̰)Ёȁѕ́ݕɔ)ɽݡѕɑ)ݡЁɔͥ́)Ѽѡݸ)ե䰁Ʌѡȁѡ٥)ѥѼձչхݡ)ԁݕɔɥѥ)QɅѽ䁅)ȁɔٕ͔Ʌ)Ց̰ٕ役́)ݽɭɕͽɍѼ͔)Q́ɔɔ)ɽѡ