Electrical Contracting News (ECN) September 2016 - Page 48

SPECIAL FEATURE WIRING ACCESSORIES PROBLEM SOLVER The Timeguard ZV900 automatic switch load controller, primarily designed to eliminate flicker, is also extending the LED loading that can be put on a single smart wall switch to 200W. The device was conceived to solve a problem created by the very small load that 2-wire smart wall switches with integral timing, PIR or photocell control draw down in order to power themselves. The current is sufficient to cause flickering in low power LED lighting. The patented Timeguard ZV900 controller solves the problem and can be used with Timeguard or other manufacturers’ switches. Installers only need to fit one device per lighting circuit. Adding value to the routine fitment of fused spurs by adding automatic timing is also made simple with the Timeguard FST – (fused spur timeswitches). Installing the Timeguard devices as a replacement for an ordinary FCU is a simple wiring job – quick and profitable. You can choose between fused connection units (FCUs) with built-in 24 or seven day electronic timing and ones with energy saving countdown timing – appliances are switched off automatically after periods of up to four hours. All of the Timeguard FST and FBT (fused boost timer) models carry extended Timeguard guarantees. For further information visit: www.timeguard.com MAKE YOUR MARK 3M has a comprehensive range of identification products for electricians designed to make it easier to mark and label wires for future maintenance and repair, from everyday electrical and control panel requirements, switches and outlets, through to more specific automotive, marine, safety and security applications. Products include ScotchCode Wire Markers by 3M, with a choice of sizes and forms, all of which are resistant to solvents, oils and water. The ScotchCode tape dispenser by 3M is a compact, easy to use marking solution and is provided with pre-loaded labels (either pre-printed numbers, letters, or colour coded), with 10 refillable compartments. Alternatively, the ScotchCode write-on tape dispenser by 3M is a compact system that gives electricians the flexibility to write their own labels with a permanent marker pen, with a choice of three standard label sizes. For small volume jobs, ScotchCode marker books by 3M contain self-laminating, write-on markers available in three pre-cut sizes. Another option is the Grafoplast Trasp manual wire marking system by 3M, which offers a complete system for all cable and wire marking requirements. A full range of pre-printed alphanumeric character elements are available to be loaded into a versatile range of slide-on, or snap-on sleeves. For further information visit: www.3M.co.uk/electrical 47-49 Wiring Accessory Products.indd 48 DEEP DESIGN Metway has announced the launch of its new besa box socket outlet range designed to fit standard ‘G’ type industry preferred connectors in 3, 4 and 6-pole versions. All versions fit straight onto standard round UK plastic or metal besa/conduit boxes. The 6-pole version is designed with an extra deep mounting plate to accommodate up to 12 1.5mm single conductors (6 in/6 out), and are supplied in industry standard black/blue mechanical coding, but will also be available in black grey to service legacy installations. Typical applications for this type of connector would be any installation that has fire regulations insisting on mechanical containment of cabling within the building fabric, eg. where the use of conduit and conduit boxes is required, examples of which are hospitals, retail, government buildings and council offices. The easy fit and connect besa box is supplied with fixing screws. It offers an easy loop in and out facilitated by double stacked terminal design on mounting plate connectors. The latching plug feature ensures and maintains positive connection. Moulded in V0 grade plastic and rated at 16A, 230V AC +/- 10 per cent, 50Hz with a terminal capacity of 2.5mm², this product is compliant with BS733:2010+A1:2014 and the connectors to BS61535. For further information visit: www.metway.co.uk 11/08/2016 12:44