Electrical Contracting News (ECN) September 2016 - Page 47

WIRING ACCESSORIES SAFE ESCAPE KEEP IT CLEAN Maintaining a clean earth can be vitally import for many items of electrical equipment routinely used in schools, laboratory facilities and hospitals, for example computers and medical equipment. All Crabtree clean earth sockets have four earth connections, two for the standard ‘dirty’ earth, and two others for isolated high integrity clean earth. With discrete 6mm2 terminals, wiring is made simpler and cross over between the two earth sources is avoided. Additionally, as there are two earth terminals for each earth connection, if one were to become loose or disconnected, high integrity would be maintained though the other terminal. Also, there is no earth link to remove to ensure the clean earth, and hence there is less potential for error on installation. A single gang switched and twin gang switched socket outlet are both available. Crabtree also produces clean earth socket outlets conforming to MEIGaN recommendations. These high quality products are available in deep blue, clearly and indelibly marked with the text ‘Medical Equipment Only’. MEIGaN sockets come in two gang, double pole switched and unswitched versions. For further information visit: www.electrium.co.uk/crabtree SWA has launched a new range of innovative Firefly fire safety clips. These fully meet the requirements of the BS7671:2015 Wiring Regulations to secure all surface cables in escape routes, preventing firefighters and people escaping burning buildings from becoming entangled. The regulations, which came into effect from July 2015, prohibit non-metallic clips or plastic trunking as the sole means of support. The SWA Firefly range builds on the success of its stainless steel cable ties and the recently launched FSC2 steel fire safety clips. Both FSC2 and Firefly clips are approved to BS5839-1 and allow easy fixing through plastic trunking. FSC2 clips are specifically intended for 25x16mm trunking. The Firefly clips have been specially developed with a new, flexible design to make them suitable for all popular sizes of plastic trunking. Firefly clips feature rounded ends, preventing damage to cables and injury to electricians. What’s more, their spring loaded design makes it straightforward to add or remove cables in the months and years after installation. The full range will include a variety of clips to secure cables both inside and outside trunking and conduits. For further information visit: www.swaonline.co.uk STAY CONNECTED SAVE AND RECALL Schneider Electric’s desk unit range combines modular design flexibility, quality and ease of installation. The comprehensive range has been engineered for commercial and residential applications, to provide elegant and practical solutions for power and data connectivity at work stations. Effortlessly blending design with functionality, the new range can be fully customised and tailored to meet customer demands and easily retrofitted in order to account for their changing needs. The ease of installation significantly reduces the time of install by up to 50 per cent. With an innovative modular approach to product design and installation, the range ensures that customers can meet the demands of today and tomorrow with equal ease, combining different functionality as and when it is needed. Furthermore, with integrated USB chargers within the range, it ensures that users remain constantly connected in today’s digital age. For further information visit: www.schneider-electric.co.uk Siemens has added a new universal dimmer to its Gamma Instabus range. In addition to standard dimmable lamps, this high performance KNX dimmer is able to control dimmable LED retrofit lamps. Dimmable LEDs can light building areas with varying intensity. The scene control integrated into the new universal dimmer from Siemens allows brightness levels for different situations to be saved and recalled for later use. The universal dimmer dims 230V LEDs in accordance with lamp manufacturer specifications. Communication via the KNX standard, which networks all building system components, expands the potential uses of dimmable lamps. The new universal dimmer is particularly suited for high end residential applications, hotel rooms, and formal spaces in commercial buildings as well as for product presentation applications in the retail industry. The universal dimmer supports leading edge or trailing edge control for resistive inductive and capacitive loads. The device features automatic load detection and does not require a minimum load. It has two channels for a maximum output load of 300W each, or one channel for a maximum output load of 500W, and is powered by the KNX bus voltage. For further information visit: www.siemens.com SUPERIOR SENSITIVITY GreenBrook has created a new range of 10mA RCDs offering even more sensitive electrical protection, giving ground breaking results. This range is ideal for use in areas requiring extra safety such as hospitals/medical areas, schools and nurseries, and areas with small animals. The BSEN standards require RCDs to trip within 40ms; a typical trip speed of a PowerBreaker RCD is less than 20ms, which gives additional safety in the event of a hazard. The superior sensitivity the 10mA range provides also gives discrimination against nuisance upstream RCD tripping. The first PowerBreaker RCD was brought to the market back in 1975 and the PowerBreaker brand is trusted by trade and consumers alike. For further information visit: www.greenbrook.co.uk SPECIAL FEATURE QUICK AND SIMPLE For over 40 years, Gewiss has manufactured and sold more than 100 million socket outlets and plugs to the electro-technical community. Gewiss recently completed its IEC 309 High Performance range of plugs and connectors by introducing 63A-125A versions. IEC 309 HP is a complete range of straight plugs, and straight and flush mounting socket outlets offering an IP protection rating that exceeds the electrical industry’s standards, tested to IP69. An IP68 rating allows