Electrical Contracting News (ECN) September 2016 - Page 44

SPECIAL FEATURE WIRING ACCESSORIES HEAT AND GREET As the demand for smart technology is on the up, the market has presented new potential for electricians to upsell heating controls. Andy Mansfield at Honeywell caught up with two Honeywell Installer Network members to find out what they see as the greatest opportunity when it comes to generating business through smart controls. T he birth of the smart home a few years ago means there has been a huge increase in consumer awareness, in terms of both the impact heating controls can have on their fuel bills, and the seemingly endless possibilities of smart devices talking to each other. The interest levels in these products has sky rocketed with consumers and tradesmen alike, and is a trend that is predicted to continue. As a manufacturer, we have seen smart controls develop from expensive gadgetry to entry level, accessible devices that can work simply as a thermostat or form the basis of an integrated smart system. This, in turn, means that the smart home is no longer limited to the more affluent homeowner – rather, there is a connected thermostat to suit every application and budget. And this is good news for the electrician, because entry level smart controls can open up a new market and potentially a new customer base. With tech savvy consumers who have a modest property, entry level smart controls can be a quick and easy job for the electrician. With smart heating controls cont [Z[]H[Z[]HHX][›X\] Hܛݙ\[H[XX[X܈\H]\[ܙ\[ۋ\X[XX[\[\\HYZ[H\\H[\]Y\܈X\۝][ܙH[[ܙH[XXX[][\B܈Z\\Y\˂[\Z\XX[XX[[XX[8$[\B[[[B&H]HY[[H[\Hۙ™[YYH[HXZ܈[\˜[][Y[[\]X\YH[\]ZHݙ\[H\\Y] HX][۝›X\]\XYH\[Hو\Y\[]ˈX\]Y[HH]H[وH\[\۝X\\][Y[[\][XY  M \[X\ܚY\8$ۙ^][ [ L  ̌ M M