Electrical Contracting News (ECN) September 2016 - Page 17

Saving Time & Energy New Range - New Features The latest generation of Firex® hard-wired, interconnectable smoke and heat alarms offers outstanding reliability and lower running costs. • Product reliability - with dust compensation and bug screen on all optical alarms, minimising nuisance alarms and call-backs. • Low energy consumption - 70% less than previous models and lower than many household items left on standby. • Alarm Memory Function - Identifies which alarm has triggered. • Greater choice - with Standard, Long-life and Rechargeable bat \BX]\\[ۜ[XX[[XK([HوX\ܚY\ H[Y[\Y[[H\[\] [[^H]\\]H\]X\˂\^0\X[YX\Y[\YY^\][HHYKHXYX\Hو[]YXY\ܜܘ][ۋ[][Y[]Y MH B[  LML ͍L[XZ[[\Y\Y]K˝Z•XY\Y]Y]\K˝Z‚ K ̌ M M