Electrical Contracting News (ECN) September 2016 - Page 14

Product code: 85737 IP65 Fire Rated 460LM Product Code: 85630 IP65 1350LM Product code: 85762 Dimmable 600LM Product Code: 85661 Under Cabinet 330LM Product code: 85763 Amendment 3 Compliant Product code: 34044 IR Switch IP44 390LM For all your lighting and electrical needs, contact the experts: www.nationallighting.co.uk 0845 634 1515 14 Editorial.indd 14 TURNING THE TIDE C onfirmation that the ECA has backed proposals to build a series of tidal lagoons in the UK has reignited hopes that the UK may eventually become pioneers of a new renewables market that has the potential to significantly bolster our energy generation options. A tidal lagoon is a man-made harbour created in a tidal area. The movement of the tide in or out means that a difference in water levels (known as ‘head’) builds up in the lagoon. Once a sufficient head height is reached, gates are opened, allowing water to rush through the gaps and turning big turbines installed underwater. The rotating turbines then generate electricity. This process then occurs in reverse, on the ebb tide, as sea levels start to fall and a tidal head is created by holding water back within the lagoon. This means the tides can flow through turbines four times daily to generate power. The ECA believes that tidal lagoons offer a ‘complete package of long lifespan, high flexibility and very high energy predictability’ and it’s difficult to argue with those assumptions. Current proposals suggest that Swansea may be the location for the first installation of this type and, LJJ has made another senior appointment at its Central office in Solihull. Clive Ward joins the company as electrical contracts manager with a remit of overseeing delivery of electrical installation contracts from tender through to handover. LJJ’s Solihull office has also appointed Gerry McNally as mechanical contracts manager. ESP has appointed a new area sales manager for the North East region. Chris Cotton joins the company following six years working within the electrical wholesale industry, where his roles have included operations manager and regional sales manager, and his work has involved working closely with some of the UK’s largest electrical wholesalers, to ensure maximum sales potential for the p X\\[Y ZY\[XX\[[YH\[Y[وX\[Z\\XH\Y[ق\\]Z[Rˈ\H[ݙ\HZY\[XX”]Z[ܝ[و][ۜ[\X\[HR˂[\\\[YZ\H[\\]]R[\YZ[\]܋Z\][ܚ[\]B\[YR[\X[Y\]ۈ[X[\ۈ\H\[BYZ^[]Y\X[\˂Y]\HZXY HX[]H[XZH\Hو M\[\[\]H ̌YY]]و\[X[\[˜]Y[ L [ MMK Y\˂\[\[][ۈH]HB\Y[\\H[]\H[BXۙ\[Hܛ [\Y\ H[\][ۈو\YY[XHXZ\\X[H[[B]Hۙ\H]\۸&]\[YX\Y\ܙX]Y\]HY[XYH[HٙܙH[\HX܈]]˜\YY[\H]\YH\H]B[H[HوYY][H[Z\[ۜœYX[ۈ\]و \[H L H[XX[X܈[H[[B[Y]YH[XHڙX\™][X[H]ٙHܛ[ ]B][\Y[ܙX]H\[›و]؜ˈ[و\\ۂH\\Y[و[\H[[X]B[HX\\[H]Y][B[[XY[]\܈ݚYHHXYY\YYY ] K˜[[ۈ[HYۈ[YBX\[\H]\HX\]Bݙ\Y[[\HH\[XۛZX[\Z[H[^H܈ۙH]™X\[ۈ HYHڙX\]BܙY[Y][HHY[\H[Z[B][Y[و[[ۈ[]X\[و]H^[ZYܙY[Y[H\۸&]\][HXY[H]\[XPT\[[YB\[Y[و]Hؘ[\œ[\\X܋YX]H[[YYX][K]H[[XHۛX܂X[YX\\\X]K\HB\Y[ۘ[[\X[Y\]\K܈\YX\ݙ\[BRܙX[[X[Y\˂БH۝\Hܛ\\˜\[Yܛ^H\B]R[\X[Y\]MYX\&H[\\\[\™][Y[^\Y[K[[ܛHX\\\Y\[x&\XZ[[[H[\[H[[][ۈܝ[˂[\[ [YH ɒH\œ[Y[ۈXXH\ڙXX[Y\]ݙ\ MBYX\&H^\Y[H[H[XX[[\K[ۈ\ݙ\Y[B[[][ۈو]\[\H[B\[[][ۈڙXY]HR܈Y[[H]]H[XXX܋[XX[Y]H\\˜\[Y\[[H\˜\[\][Y[X[Y\܈]]ۜ[[H\XB\YۙY[[\ݙHXY]H[X[\\ˈB\^[]H^\Y[H[B\X\و[\H][[ۈ[\˜[ڙXX[Y[Y[ \[\][[\Yۈ][ۜ܂ۜ[Y\X˂[ݙ\ Z\)\YY\Y\T BXNMNL̍QUԒPSLK ̌ M ML‚