Electrical Contracting News (ECN) September 2016 - Page 12

LIGHTING PROJECTS COLOURED CAR PARK MODERN FEEL The innovative new multi-storey car park at the University of Leeds has been fitted with a colour changing façade lighting scheme using a Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system. The new 690 space multi-storey car park is a prominent building that is clearly visible from some distance, so a decision was taken to provide it with a distinctive external appearance. During the day this is achieved by a special cladding design using perforated metal panels, which is further enhanced by the use of different coloured lighting at night. The exterior lighting for the building was designed by Philips Value Added Partner, Lite, providing a wash of colour across the façade. A key consideration was the need to avoid distracting drivers on the nearby busy inner ring road. Each of the ColorGraze fixtures is mounted on special 1m offset brackets to allow the lighting to graze the cladding all the way up the building. The design draws on Lite’s experience of using ColorGraze fixtures at the First Direct Arena and Leeds Beckett University to minimise the number of luminaires and reduce costs. The lighting is controlled by a Pharos controller, providing the university with a versatile solution, within the imposed planning constraints. Amitex LED’s 9W COB downlighters have been used throughout an upscale development of stone built family homes worth up to £1m each at Kiln Place, Corbridge, Northumberland. The properties blend traditional and contemporary design and the downlighters lend a streamlined, modern feel to the kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. They were installed by Paul Rock Electrical and supplied by City Electrical Factors, Hexham. The downlighters are IP65 and fully fire rated, and have a quick-fit push in connector system which makes them very easy to install. They come with a five year warranty and are available in dimmable and non-dimmable options. GOOD BUSINESS An installation by Stretch Ceilings within the entrance area to Durham Business School perfectly demonstrates how a single illuminated ceiling can open up the space of an area. Stretch Ceilings installed 27m2 of translucent stretch fabric in one panel with daylight white LED lighting to create a clean, crisp finish. The material offers 75 per cent light transmission and is lightweight at only 0.2mm thick. For low maintenance lighting the track is permanently fixed to the perimeter structure allowing the material to be unclipped and refitted by Stretch Ceilings’ operatives or trained maintenance staff. Alternatively, the stretch fabric diffuser can be fixed using demountable frames for frequent access. Behind the stretch fabric daylight white LED lighting modules have been used, these offer an even illumination as a result of considered layout and testing. The successful marriage of light and stretch diffuser creates an outstanding monolithic lighting effect. FULL HOUSE COUNCIL SUCCESS Megaman UK has supplied its gold filament and dim to warm lamps, along with IP65 VersoFit downlighters to the new Saint Pauls House Hotel, Birmingham. The boutique hotel with bar and restaurant offers a contemporary mix of modern design with a Shoreditch eclectic style interior and is situated in St Pauls Square in the heart of Birmingham’s lively Jewellery Quarter. Megaman lamps and fittings were specified and installed by Worcestershire based lighting specialist 3ci Lighting following a design brief agreed by the hotel owner and designer. Megaman’s 10.5W dim to warm LED lamps were used in the hotel bedrooms and created the perfect ambience for relaxation.  The dim to warm lamps emit a warm light that can be dimmed from 2,700K to 1,800K that simulate the same dimming characteristics of incandescent and halogen lamps without the heat emission. Bedroom en-suite areas were fitted with Megaman’s 8W VersoFit fully integrated fire rated downlighters in satin chrome. With its serviceable LED module and IP rating, this product was chosen for its reliability and unobtrusive design. For the bar and restaurant Megaman’s gold filament lamps were the perfect choice to create a welcoming warm glow throughout the area. 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