Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 60

SPECIAL FEATURE LIGHTING FULLY INTEGRATED Designed and manufactured by a team of skilled in-house engineers, Prolojik’s open protocol lighting control systems are compatible with numerous other types of building control systems and can be fully integrated at all levels within a building’s architecture. The first of its three systems takes a modular approach to delivering distributed intelligent control of luminaires, with the 16A rated 10-port lighting control modules providing independently addressable outputs. This system is suited to all types of installations where modular luminaries are installed, and regular moves and changes are expected within the space. The second takes a networked DALI approach, in which a Prolojik DIN rail mounted DALI controller housed in a unit the same as double pole MCB provides full control of 64 DALI devices per channel. This type is ideal for exposed soffit installations, or where void access/installation space is restricted. The third is the innovative new Lightmatrix which, works via a structured cabling system that uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and data cabling combined with established DALI features. Designed to power and control LED lighting, it provides commercial and technical benefits including a 10 per cent energy saving compared to 240V LED schemes. For further information, visit www.prolojik.com IN CONTROL Helvar has launched iDim Orbit, a complete room lighting control solution in a single sensor. Using the latest technology, and with a unique design, iDim Orbit offers features usually only found in more complex systems, whilst maintaining its simplicity and ease of use. Providing an intuitive user experience, iDim Orbit delivers simple, cost effective and easy to install room based lighting control. iDim Orbit is a flexible solution comprising either one PIR sensor which provides 7m diameter coverage or five PIR sensors for up to 15m coverage at 2.8m height, to cater for a range of commercial and public building applications. Its built-in light sensor provides constant light and bright out modes for maximum energy efficiency. The internal time-clock allows for profile scheduling, and it features mobile App connectivity for easy, quick application specific configuration using Bluetooth technology. iDim Orbit’s mobile App features a library of standard application profiles, for example, classrooms and offices, as well as a profile scheduler which enables the sensor behaviour to be altered automatically during the day. Custom profiles can also be configured to suit each scenario, with the App able to adjust a two stage sensor time-out, absence or presence detection, light level adjustment and dimming channel offset. For further information visit: www.helvar.com SMOOTH OPERATOR Hamilton Litestat offers a single-source package for the ‘final fix’ stage of commercial and domestic interiors: quality decorative electrical wiring accessories, circuit protection, and lighting control and multi-room audio systems. Recent product launches include LEDIT-B100, a new two way LED dimmer, designed to be compatible with a wider range of mains dimmable lamp and luminaire brands. Hence, silent and flicker free in operation, the LEDIT-B100 is the perfect retrofit replacement when used with a standard two way rocker switch – ideal for applications such as larger rooms with two entrances/exits or on stairway lighting. LEDIT-B100 comes pre-set to ‘trailing-edge’ as standard but the dimming mode can be manually set for ‘leading-edge’. If the circuit contains a mixture of both trailing and leading-edge LEDs, the dimming mode can be fine tuned to deliver a smooth operation and maximum performance. The latest developments with Hamilton’s Mercury lighting control and multi-room audio system include its RGB DMX control option, where a colour-wash can be used as accent lighting to add drama to a space – ideal for use in bars, restaurants and hotels. Matching control plates are available from the Hamilton collections for that totally coordinated look. For further information visit: www.hamilton-litestat.com AUTOMATICALLY ENGAGE Lighting manufacturers looking to enhance the design and flexibility of their maintained emergency LED luminaires need look no further than Fulham, with its new all-in-one solution. The new HotSpot Plus presents a combined emergency solution of LED driver, self-test emergency driver and replaceable battery in one easy to install compact unit, eliminating the cost and need for separate components. The HotSpot Plus functions as a dimmable 40W constant current LED driver, with an adjustable output current range from 250mA up to 1,400mA which is easily set in increments of 1mA using a simple hand held programmer. During a power outage, this all-in-one system automatically engages an integrated, serviceable battery which will provide three hours of emergency back up power at 5W or 90 minutes at 10W, with just a 12 hour battery recharge time. In addition to its programmable output and userselectable emergency power levels, further advanced features of the HotSpot Plus are its 120V-277V 50/60Hz input capability and the integrated “self-test” functionality. For flexibility of embodiment, the Fulham HotSpot Plus is available in two truly compact case sizes, and is guaranteed for five years, the back up battery for three years. For further information visit: www.fulham.com FIT AND FORGET EASY MAINTENANCE Sylvania has a rich history in weatherproof lighting solutions and now offers a full complement of these luminaires in its highly successful Evo LED range with the addition of the new Sylproof Superia LED G2 and Sylproof LED. 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