Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 57

LIGHTING ADJUSTABLE APP Danlers’ EasyZAPP range of PIR occupancy switches are designed for the automatic control of lighting or other connected loads. These controls are remotely set-up or adjusted using a free App on an Android phone or tablet. EasyZAPP products work as presence detector switches and can be adjusted for settings such as photocell override, time lag and maintained lux levels (dimmable versions only). The phone or tablet can also be used as a remote control on/off override, or to configure a number of EasyZAPP controls at the same time. The products are straightforward to install and generally make use of existing wiring, making them suitable for either retrofit or new installations. The EasyZAPP range includes switching only controls and dimming controls available for either DALI, 1-10VDC or DSI dimmable ballasts. Mounting options include: ceiling flush, ceiling surface, high bay and batten mount variants. For further information visit: www.danlers.co.uk SPECIAL FEATURE FREEDOM TO CHANGE Fagerhult has launched Dino – a new light engine that can be paired with nine different shades and covers available in a wide range of fabrics and materials, or with custom made designs. Designed by Stockholm based architecture and design consultancy PetterssonRudberg, Dino is an extremely versatile luminaire suitable for retail, creative workspace, hotel or hospitality environments. An energy efficient, LED based light engine, it is available in two sizes and light outputs: Dino Ø180 with 3,000/6,000Lm, and Dino Ø90 with 750/1,500Lm. Users can choose from nine different shades and covers, available in a wide range of fabrics and materials, or create their own unique design. The flexibility of Dino and its wide family of shades and covers allows for easy experimentation with lighting redesigns, streamlining a usually lengthy process and substantially reducing costs. Designers now have the freedom to change the look of the interiors to suit changing fashions or seasons. Retail environments can replace the shades to create a new shop floor experience. Similarly, hotel reception areas can be transformed for different seasons; restaurants can modify the dining experience and offices can create a new working atmosphere. For further information visit: www.fagerhult.co.uk TASTE OF THE TRADITIONAL Kosnic Lighting has developed a new universal emergency module (UEM) suitable for all Class 3 luminaires with integrated LEDs and separate LED drivers, irrespective of manufacturer brand. Kosnic has also extended its range of highbay and lowbay luminaires with the new 200W highbay; a high per ܛX[KXZ[[[B[[\HYXY[\X[Y[܈Q܈Y][[YH[\[[\X[ X[YX\[Z\\H[]Z[[\ۛY[˂H] Y^H[Z[Z\H\HY\]]و H[\]\]H\[\\]\Hو L ˈ]X]\\H]\Q]\XH[[Z][H[\[QQXY]H[HYYXY[Hوݙ\L\[[^[[\ۜ\[KHX[Y][ۈۚX&\Q[[Y[[\[HݚY\H\HوHY][ۘ[ ]Z[XH[\X\\Έ[K[\[H[H][\]YHQ[[Y[[H[\]\[][XYو]X[]HYY]Yۋ؜۞H\Y\܈]]Y[8$YX[܈\\]\[[]\]YH[ˈH[\\HY[Y[]]و\ L KHۙYHق \[[]H[\Hو\L\[\\Y][[[\[[[Y[[\ ܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˚ۚX˘BPTHӕSPHUSӂ܈[Z][H[Y\X[[YX][ۘ[\X][ۜHX^H^HY[\˜]Z[XH[X\Y[\XHܛK[[B]][و[H[[[ۘ[]HHX\] [H[]YX[[]X\HX[۝[܈X[\ H[[XZ[Z[[ ^ۈH [Hܚ[[H]\X[Z[[šZY[[ݚY[\X[H]QԂNH[[H^\[YY][H [[HSL \]Z\[Y[[\X[BPH[ Y[][ۜˈHXZ[\H\˜\[Y[YHH\[[Y\YX][[\[]HX^X[\H[\]YB[H][][H\ܛX[H]YXY[Hق\ L[Z[Z\H[Y[\] HX^[ٙ\]ZX[X\B[[][ۈXHH\\]H[[[[YH[[Z[Z\KۘHH[YH\Y[[[YH[Z[Z\H[\HY[[[XKB]\[YH[\\HX^\H[^XBX[H^H[H[[H]ZXB[X\[HZ[ܙYY[YY˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙^Yܛ\ ˝Z‚Q\][YH[Hو[[Y[Y۝\[HSH[[\ٙ\[B[XH]ܚ][ۋHQ^X]]SH\[Hٙ\[\\[[\H[[Y[Y[۝XYBX[Y\][K\[ܜ[^H[[\][\X\H\\H]TЂ[\XH[SHٝ\H܈] ]\]BSH[XۚX[\˂\\[H[܈ܙX]\[\HYXY[K[H[ݚY[[[Y[Z[܈BK؝Z[[\[ˈ\H\H][ۜ™H[H\][\H\[Z[[˜۝X[Yܘ]\[H[[BZ[[X[Y[Y[\[H TKX]\\ۈH[HH][ۈ[YBY][XYSH\]ۈ[\XK[HX[]H\][H]ٙB[XۚX[\[ܙX\H[\H][˂[H][K\H][ۋX\[[ٙX\][KY܈ٙX\[Z\^\œ]\\HHYHZXܛٝ[˜[Z\[ۚ[XHHSH\\B[TЈ[\XK\[\ Mܛ\˜[[\HܙX]Y [HZ[[][ۋH][K\H\˜X[Y]SH]\][Z\[ۚ[š\X\[H]\XHHS]\] [H[[˜[[X[Y[Y[و[HY[۝ [Y[H[Y\[HY[˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˛^X] BSSQSTӔBQXY\YYX\[܈XH]YHQ][[[H[Z[Z\\Hܛ\Y[\ۙ[[Y[HHZ[[&\Y[YY˂\Z\\[[\X[]\[YXHZ\Y[[\H[B\ H\[H\X[[ܙ\[Y[[ٙX\X[ۂ\X\\Z\\\\Y[^\[\\X\]X\YHQ][HQXY˂YH][X]\HX\[܋HZ[ Z[\[\œ[܈X[[۝وH[Z[Z\KH[܈ۛB[H[Z[Z\H\ۙ\XH\[K[[ۈ[Y][][[][][X]H]\ܛ\Y[Z[Z\\˂HQ][[Hܛ\Y]\]ۙHX\\۝[BZ][\و][\H]\ˈHX]\H[Y[H۝Y]X[ܙH[[Y[K܈^[\KY[H]Yۈ[[X\][ۈو\[[\[[\XK܈^[\H\^Hܙ\˜[ۙHܜY܈܈\HYوZ\ˈHYX\[܂[Y\^[Y[ۚ]ܚ[[K[][[[Z[ˈ[[ۜ[][˜[Hܘ[[YY[Y\YH[\H[[H۝ ܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙Y ˝Z‚M‚M MY[X˚[ M‚LǨ M L ‚