Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 54




Kyocera has introduced new LED modules with a colour spectrum very close to natural sunlight as a special lighting solution .
The new type of light emitting diode ( LED ) is ideal for colour inspection such as in paint manufacturing , commercial printing , and automotive colour inspection .
Furthermore , the new LED modules are ideal for surgical lighting in hospital operating rooms and for fine art museum lighting , which require accurate colour identification .
The new LED modules are customised to each specific application and requirement , offering a variety of different light spectrums and colour renderings due to Kyocera ’ s proprietary optical and thermal simulation technologies . In addition , Kyocera applies unique packaging and phosphor mixing technologies and uses highly reflective ceramic materials , enabling the company to design a light spectrum according to each user ’ s needs and to offer longer product life .
The benefits of Kyocera ´ s LED modules include full customisation , which is required for maximum accuracy in colour reproduction . For further information about Kyocera : www . kyocera . eu


Robus has launched a new product range , with the Diamond LED lamp and Ramada fire rated downlights .
The Diamond range of lamps use the trademark Robus LEDchroic optic which provides similar aesthetic and light distribution to traditional fittings , replacing light effect and providing a beam angle of 38 °. Comparable to 35 / 50W mains halogens , Diamond lamps are available in 4.5W and 5W versions . Suitable for switching by PIR , microwave or photocell and for use in fire rated downlights , the Diamond range is perfect for retail , hospitality and domestic environments .
The Ramada fire rated downlight uses driver technology to provide high performance . These fittings are particularly useful as a retrofit where all cut-outs can be utilised , with a low power consumption of only 8.5W and providing a one-for-one replacement for 50W LV halogen . The Ramada is a solid state technology , suitable for switching by most sensor or control systems with long or short time delays , without detriment to lifetime .
Both products offer versatile and high quality design , making them perfect for a range of commercial and domestic settings . For further information visit : www . ledgrouprobus . com


Gripple , renowned for its extensive range of suspension systems , looked to the skies last year to design the Angel Hanger .
Those already discovering the benefits of the product are now spoilt for choice with a new range of foot and end fixings .
Gripple ’ s Angel Hanger is ideal for architectural lighting suspensions , signage , acoustic baffles and others , it is Gripple ’ s most stylish and discreet solution yet .
Building on the success of the current range , Gripple has launched the Swivel foot which is designed for easier suspension at angles up to 90 °. The original range comprises the Y-Fit , which is designed with dual fixing points ; the threaded female and male ; and the Hook , with a safety clasp .
The latest range of ceiling end fixings comprises of the loop , barrel , top hat , snap hook , toggle and magnetic pad and enables installation to a variety of substrates .
Requiring no installation tool , with a simple and quick one-handed operation , the Angel Hanger is easily adjusted along the wire rope . It is supplied in convenient , ready to use kits , with wire rope in lengths up to 10m as standard .
The Angel Hanger is suitable for loads up to 15kg with a 5:1 safety factor to accommodate a wide range of suspensions , and the 1.5mm wire rope used makes the suspension as discreet as possible . For further information visit : www . gripple . com


Venture Lighting Europe has introduced new high efficiency retrofit corn lamps to its growing range of VLED products for the industrial and commercial markets .
Available in six outputs , the new range of LED retrofit corn lamps are a sustainable and cost effective direct replacement for traditional halogen , incandescent and HID light sources across a vast range of applications .
Based on the traditional E37 or E40 fixtures , the new retrofit corn lamps can be used for a straightforward lamp replacement without the need for a system or luminaire exchange to help keep the cost and time of an installation to a minimum .
Ranging from 20W to 100W , Venture has created a retrofit corn lamp that can be used for installations of all sizes , with lumen packages from 2,400 to 12,000 lumens to meet the level of light demanded by all commercial and industrial schemes .
The LED lamps have a high efficacy rate of 120 lumens per circuit watt and an A + energy rating to ensure the new lighting is both energy and cost effective for businesses or facilities management .
The lamps incorporate the very latest LED technology to provide high quality and reliable lighting for up to 50,000 hours . For further information visit : www . venturelightingeurope . com


The new Javelin 2 from Carbon8 Lighting is an extremely cost effective solution for aisle lighting that throws light precisely where it ’ s needed .
Combining the performance of LED with the focusing of the light output means that fewer fittings are required and there is no wasted light .
Javelin 2 provides complete flexibility , with a range of options that include a choice of beam width for narrow and wider aisle and precision optics that make it perfect for use in areas with high fitting mounting positions . The luminaire provides typical energy savings of over 60 per cent compared with conventional fittings . Dimming capability is offered as standard with 1-10V control , offering compatibility with all leading sensor manufacturers , further enhancing the savings that the Javelin 2 offers .
Available in outputs from 50W to 300W , Javelin 2 provides in excess of 120 lumens per watt and colour temperature ranging from 3,000k to 7,000k . With its lightweight sleek appearance , Javelin 2 also offers superior build quality and reliability and is ideal for everywhere , from racked warehouses to open sports halls . For further information visit : www . carbon8lighting . co . uk


Aura Light has introduced the new Easy Selection of LEDs to encourage people to switch to higher efficiency lighting .
The hand picked selection offers a range of ready to use products including LED panels , tubes , downlights and stairwell luminaires to make it easier for companies to change to LED lighting .
The retrofit solutions offer an easy installation of each luminaire which eliminates the complexity of replacing existing lighting schemes . The selection of luminaires picked by Aura Light ’ s in-house lighting experts also offer exceptional energy savings of up to 50 per cent which will reduce the overall costs of the lighting scheme when compared with lower performance traditional lamps . The LED luminaires don ’ t have to be replaced as often as they last significantly longer than other lamps .
All of the products within the Easy Selection can be combined to meet the requirements of any individual project . For further information : www . aura-light . co . uk