Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 47

LIGHTING Considered collectively, these loss mechanisms can result in a decrease in efficacy of greater than 30 per cent according to the US Dept of Energy. You can’t do much about the driver losses but heat generation needs to be dissipated effectively as it does harm the unit – and relatively few LED luminaires are designed with adequate cooling to my mind. However, a manufacturer’s choice of components and the design of the luminaire for optical efficiency can all deliver improved efficiency. You could argue that the energy savings are marginal at an individual user level, but it soon adds up for a whole building or business using dozens or hundreds of lights. Broadly speaking, if you want output similar to an old 60W incandescent, look for around 800 lumens. For the equivalent of an old 40W bulb look for 450 lumens. Do compare the output efficiency. For instance, our LED floodlights deliver over 2,000 lumens while consuming only 32W and in terms of brightness and field of illumination compete with any energy hungry halogen. Instant LED brightness should now be a given, of course. “ SPECIAL FEATURE Quality The biggest inefficiency of all, of course, is poor componentry or quality control so that the product needs to be scrapped or replaced. Saving a ]œ[Y\ۈH[Z[Z\H]HX[\]\܂T] ܈]\›XXH\]Bݙ\X][\\XZH[Y\X[[K[H؈XH\›ZY[H^[]KY\]8&\YH]Q[\]H[]][B]HX]8$]][\\œ[X[HH؛[H܈[YQ\XX[H]]܈Y[˂\HHT][\YXH[Z[Z\HHH[[Y[HZ\[[B[Z[Z\H[H\XY ܘYX[K[][X[KHX]XYBHQ\[Y[\]HBQ[\[\[H[XۚX˜\ۙ[\[[ˈ܂\[[[[\H]š\[H\[ˈH \YB^X[Y\H[]HوQY[‚HQQVRSQPԑSHSTHVBӔSQHSTSPQӂHQVHUHU SQSK[[QY\[HH][\H^\\H[Z[HHY]YB\Z]H\ۜ\[Hݙ\X][ˈ˜[H\YۈYY[ܜܘ]HH[›YX[\KYHX&\[ ]˜[[[\\]8&\H\Hق^Y\]\HB[\ۜY\][ۈ\HT˂]\]\ݚY[]܈X\]BY[܈]]X][[\[Y[P\[\ۜ\H[\KT]Xܜ\H]\]\H[ \[[HY\H\HX[B[[ݙ\H[\]]›]XY Y\H\[X]Q\]X[]K[Q[\[[Z[Z\\]\\HH\Hو]\܂YHYX[\Z]\܈PQ˜[\]\܈YHYX[ۈ\Z][]\H\[Z\]] [ۂ[Q[Z[Z\\[]\H[YH[Y[\] ܈\[[[[\H]\[H\[˂][Y[•HYY^Z[QXܙ[H[\H^Hۜ[YH[\š[XYۈHY^H]H][Y[K[Q[Z[Z\\[]\H[YH[Y[\] [Z\YXY[H\H[X][ۈوB]X[]Hو\Yۈ[ۜX[ۋ[H]YH\H[\ۜ[YYHH[Z[Z\HY\\X[YX]\\][Y[YX\\BY]]Y\X[[YXY[Y\[وX\HH[[ۈوB]Z[Y\YۈوH[] Q\^\YXܜ]K ‚ MY[8$[YYX\ [ ‚LǨ M L