Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 41

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE MESSING ABOUT ON THE RIVER Bill Haut is the owner of Urb Refurb Ltd who specialise in renovation projects. Ben Sanigar is an account manager and CEF Aspire Graduate from the Docklands branch. Urb Refurb have been working on a river barge project which has been converted into a house boat and is now on the market through Harrods Estates with a value of £1.38m. During the project, company owner Bill and his partner encountered many obstacles to overcome, all of which required a different approach. One such problem was replacing the existing traditional surface mounted lighting with flush mounted LED lighting, all in a ceiling void of only 35mm in depth. Bill had already seen several different types of LED downlight – all of which were unsuitable. Ben introduced the E-Matic product range of circular LED panels which were demonstrated to be only 11.5mm in depth. The ceiling void would also accommodate the LED driver which would be of further benefit to the ease of installation. 72 of the ELED85 were subsequently ordered & promptly delivered next day. Bill commented, ‘The ELED85 is a perfect retrofit replacement for this application as the white frame finish and the white diffuser fits in exactly with the white minimalist appearance I wanted for the project.’ It was also mentioned that he liked the fact that the actual LED chip can’t be seen through the diffuser. Urb Refurb has already started on a second project of a similar nature and will definitely be using the E-Matic ELED85 on this and future projects where large energy savings and a quick return on investment are required. Many of the materials and equipment used on these projects tend to be specialist and can often cost extra because of the nature of the project. Bill was delighted with the quality and the price of the ELED85, as well as the service offered by Ben and the CEF Docklands branch. Lastly, Bill mentioned that all marine craft are limited to what amperage they can use for their loading – small to medium craft are limited to 16 amps and larger craft are limited to 32 amps. The energy saving aspect of the E-Matic range, with just 3.0 watts per unit, was an important factor in the decision to purchase and frees up much needed power for the other installed systems on the boat. E-Matic Advertorial.indd 1 01253 791888 enquiries.ematic@adivision.co.uk www.e-matic.co.uk 08/09/2016 12:04