Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 26

BOURNVILLE GARDENS RETIREMENT VILLAGE picture courtesy The ExtraCare Charitable Trust Bournville Gardens Village PROJECT FOCUS BOURN READY SCS Group’s innovative integration system at Bournville Gardens Retirement Village combines Building Management Systems (BMS), natural ventilation and smoke control in a single system. Russell Drury reports on the project, with a close look at the advantages of an integrated system – particularly within a healthcare facility. S CS Group has worked with Regal Mechanical and Electrical on almost a dozen projects over the years, with Regal utilising SCS’s smoke control systems in many of its developments. Thanks to this successful partnership, when ExtraCare’s 212 home Bournville Gardens development in Birmingham arose, Regal was willing to step away from the normal way of operating and commissioned SCS to put into practice its idea of integrating BMS, natural ventilation and smoke control systems in one single system, a concept SCS had been working on for eight years. It was a ground breaking project for SCS, as integration on this scale had never been done before. The BMS integrates more than a dozen building services, as it monitors the building’s energy usage (including electrical, gas and water), controls the gas safety system and automates the lighting, among others. The retirement village, which offers an alternative to the traditional care home for people over 55, is the ideal building to benefit from an integrated system. As a hybrid commercial and residential development, the building requires both a large BMS and a large smoke system. Combining the two offers a greater advantage for this development ( \][܈\[Y\X[Z[[H[܈H\Y[X[Z[[]HX[TX]\HH[H\[HXY\\وHTܙKH]][HX]\\\Y\]X\H[YYY[[X[ X[[XX]ܜ‚LڙX\˚[ LǨ M LB