Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 21

Hybrid9 ™ Fixed airflow cap allows for insulation to be placed directly on-top of fitting Interchangeable combined LED module and bezel. Uses the latest Acrich3™ technology from Seoul Semiconductor 660 lumens CW 620 lumens WW 8.5W Total Wattage Dimmable as standard Dedicated loop-in / loop-out wiring terminals Time for change Interchangeable LED module New LevLink™ connector • ]ZX[X\H\XH][وYB([Yܘ]Y[[]H; ^X[]HوH[\(\ { ]\Z[[ݚYH [\\[¸(YYݙ\^HX\[[H\Z[[‚LT]HY[‚LYX\Y\X HYX\[Y\X[^[Y\[KX\HY\\]˘˝Z‚[]Y LH Bۛ[H]˘˝ZXYBHHHTSB  ̌ M M ‚