Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 12

CONTRACT NEWS POPLAR CHOICE HOUSING CONTRACT Unitrunk has supplied more than 2,000m of cable ladder, tray, basket and trunking for a new standby energy centre at Thomson Reuters’ London headquarters in Poplar London. ‘The answer company’, Thomson Reuters provides business insights to clients, combining data and consultancy from its global network of 500,000 business analysts, lawyers, accountants, programmers and publishers. The continuity of its power and data systems is business critical to Thomson Reuters, leading to an upgrade of its standby power facilities with future proofing provision for potential further expansion. The new standby energy centre involved doubling Thomson Reuters’ standby generators from four to eight with a total capacity of 10MW. Building services contractor TClarke carried out the electrical installation for the new two storey building adjacent to the client’s offices, using Unitrunk’s Rapid Installation Systems (RIS) cable management throughout. Unitrunk’s Speedway cable ladder was used for the HV cable installation. Installed onto a network of channel with a rapid install coupler locking system, the cable ladder runs across the ceiling of the second floor and down to the ground floor switchboard via risers then from the switchboards to the existing supply. Schneider Electric has entered into an agreement with Persimmon Homes, one of the UK’s most successful house builders, for the national supply of wiring accessories to all Persimmon and Charles Church Homes. Persimmon Homes has chosen Lisse, Schneider Electric’s newest range of wiring accessories. The range is ideally suited to Persimmon customers seeking new, original, unique home improvements. Optional extras to be made available to Persimmon customers include mobile and tablet chargers that can be integrated with the 2-gang shelf frame for Lisse sockets, making plugging in a tablet a seamless experience. Hook frames for keys and clip frames for photos, mean important items can be kept where they’ll be seen. The range is ideal for new construction and refurbishments projects. With simple installation and clever design features, Lisse benefits the whole industry, from distributors and installers to house builders and homeowners. TIDAL TEST Tratos h \\YYY[[\H\[H[]X\]H\HXH][ۈ܈]”Ԍ  UY[\[H\[ܘ[[YH]H]\X[X\[H[\H[Kܚۙ^KH\X[ۈ]][\\KHԌL LYHYX\YHXH\[B[Yܘ]\^\[\[[][X][ۜXY\[HX[Y ؝\][ۈ܂[[[Y[[\ۛY[˂H[ݘ]]H\[HY\\[XHXXHX[Y\HY[\[B]\ [\ܝ][H\H LLՋYHܙK\[\YXK\XH\YۙYXZ[Z[[Yܚ]H[BZ[[ݙY\[[\ۙ][ۜ[Y[[\X[ۜ][[XYH[\HXKHXH[Yܘ]\] U[]X\&HY[\[KHԌ H][Y[XH\YۙY\[H\Hو\[܈[[[][ۋXZ[[[H[X[Z\[ۚ[\][ۜ˂UPTHPTQ\Y]\X\YHܙ\\HH]\T܈[H\[\܈H]][Y[ق^\H\\Y[]H0L HZ^Y\H][Y[X\ܙY][ۙ۸&\\[ ]ۙH]X\H\H XܙHڙXۜ\[و]ٙXHXK]Z[]]HXXœ]X\H[ M ^\H\\Y[ˈHZ[[]HY[\YۙYHXZH\]X[\BZ[ۜXYH[X\H܈][\ܙX]ܝ[\]\˂H]H\HܛY\X[XZ[ܝ[ٙXH[]ݚXH[ܛ\\وH0X][Y[ق[[H\Y[\\][ۈ܈HܛܘZ[Z[^HۜX[ۈڙX H\Y]\]Z\Y[]H\\Y[[[\\\Z[[[YH][۝YHZ[[œ\X\۝X܈\H[[\]HHT\XK\Y]8&\T܈[Hٝ\H]ܛKHZ[[\X\\[H\]Z\YH[H\[H][ٙ\H\Z[]BܙY[[و\]ܜ[HX[]H[Yܘ]H]\\HYH]]X][ۈ\]۝]\][H[Y[˂HT•H]H[[Y0KH\ݛZX H\[H]P&\Z[[ [\^K\ۙۋ\[[ۙHX[H\H۝X”ۈ[\H\X[HۋHڙX\\]YۈH\HYY[H]Y[\[X\ MH[XX\H M\]H[[[[H[XHX]\ۙ][ۜXYXY\[[YH[]\Y\[Y[Yܘ[HY˂[H[Z\[ۙY H\[H\\\ [\ H[[\[ ML[\ ̍YYXY[H[[\][B[[[Y\X]Hو ˍ \YH[\\[[Z\\\H\YX^[Z\HH[\B]]HH\[H\\وH\^H[HYY]\Z[[Y\وH^KH[[\H[[Yۈ̈\[\[[Z[][B[Y\^Y[X\\[]H\[[Yܘ]Y[H]وقHZ[[[\H\Y[H[[Y[\Hۙ\HX]\ٚ[˂H[[][ۈ\^XY[\]HHZ[[][Hو K L  YX\[]H\[X][H ۛ\و\ۈ[X[K\]Z][[[[͌Y\XXYX\LL LL۝X]˚[ LLǨ M L‚