Electrical Contracting News (ECN) October 2016 - Page 10

CONTRACT NEWS ONE MORE TIME GOOD COOPERATION City centre retail and leisure destination Liverpool One has appointed George Birchall Service as its retained M&E contractor. Following a competitive tendering process, family run Birchall was selected for the high profile contract which is valued at £3m over a three year period. The contract covers full M&E support across the entire Liverpool One estate which consists of 29 buildings including: anchor retailers John Lewis and Debenhams, a 14 screen Odeon Cinema and a series of high street and exclusive brand name retail outlets. In addition, it also covers a series of brand name restaurants, the 1,900 space underground car park operated by Q Park, the 17 storey, 326 apartment One Park West residential development and the extensive public realm areas including the five acre Chavasse Park. Central to the new approach from Birchall is the introduction of a new Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system developed by specialist facilities management software company FSi. The system, called Concept Evolution, is entirely web based and is described as the ‘new breed’ of CAFM interfaces. Its use will provide Liverpool One’s estates team with a single, ‘real time’ view of facilities and maintenance activities, schedules and contracts. Powerstar has recently completed the installation of 25 voltage optimisation units across Co-op Food convenience stores and supermarkets in Lincolnshire. The latest developments build on Powerstar’s longstanding relationship with Co-op Food, previously known as Cooperative food, which has resulted in over 400 installations across the UK, including all the stores in Plymouth. In 2015, the Lincolnshire Co-operative (LCL) trialled Powerstar voltage optimisation systems in four food stores, which reduced average electricity consumption by 8.2 per cent. Following the success of voltage optimisation, LCL commissioned Powerstar to survey 56 sites. As a result, 25 facilities with the potential for the greatest payback and return on investment were selected, including: 21 food stores, a bakery, a chilled butchery and ambient food warehouse, an ambient food only warehouse and the head office building. During installation, Powerstar approved partner AES worked closely with LCL to manage the voltage tolerance on IT systems and refrigeration units, ensuring all onsite equipment continued to operate without interruption. Overall, the significant energy savings produced by Powerstar voltage optimisation systems will provide a payback period to LCL of less than four years. HIGHLAND CLEAN Mira Showers is claiming what might be Britain’s remotest hot shower installation thanks to an Elite QT installation in the far highlands of Scotland. The Elite QT has been incorporated into accommodation at a virtually inaccessible dam, near Inverie, Knoydart. Inverie can only be reached by boat or by a 17 mile hike o \\BYܛ[[][[[\\XۛYYHZ[\\H][ۘ[Xܙ H[H8$XݚY\[H[][]x&\\\Y\8$\][\\[΂[HX[[][ۈ\\HX[HHۛY\[]X\\Y\Kœ[[H\H]H]HX[H\]H[]\Y\[\]Z\Y[8$[][BX[[][ۈ8$Z\YY[H[X\\H[X\Y\X]HH[H\ۛHۙHۛKHX[[][ۂ\HXX[H\YۙYHXY[H[ܝXK[ۈۙHوHY\HZ\H[]HU ۘ]YH[][]HHH\[N[[[Y܈Bܙ]&\\KTԕ\Y[\]ܚۈH]0M[HXZY[\Y BXۙ\HYH\[H[\ۜX[ۈ[XY[˂\YۙYH\]XYHYۋH]XZY[\Y[X\H[X[ۈ]\\]K]H[YHKX\YX\]›[ܙH[ \X[܈ X\ˈHZ[[[ݚYHH]XYYYYX][ۘ[X[]H܈YHL Y[]Y[HY\ LKLMH\[ZHوYX\ Y[\H\[H\Y[[\ܘ\B\ܛ\[HH] YH[[\\H\[X\\YX\\ۜXY\[[K\\ۜXH܈H0̋H\Yۈ[Z[IHXYH܈XZ[۝X܈Y\ۜX[ۋHڙX\Y[\YۙYXY]HBQPSH\H][[[Y\H[Z]Y[[\]H]X\\[و[\H[X[Y[]XH\\ˈ\\Y[XY]YYHX[][ۈوHX[YX][\  H[[Hٝ[[Y\ݛZX\^KHܝ[[H[Yݙ\܈\H[H][ZH\[\[X\ M]XX[\][ۈۈH[XZ[[X[]Y\YH[HZYHوݙ[X\QHUB[[[Y[X[ۈ\[HBZXH[X]H\[\\Y[[[Y[\H]]^HوH^\HYH[B[HوۙۋZXx&\]HKLX[ۂX\[[Yۈ H\HY\ \B[[Y[\][ۈH L]]^H[H\[ۘXH[[\X HXX[[XۙX܈[XX˜XHX\ وX]\[X\Y]HZ\HH\XH[\\]\BوH][Y[YXY[HY[XB܈][[[]\HY^[˂\XX[H\Y[ۈY\H[œ\X\H\[H\[[XXB܈XZ[Z[[Y\X[Y]H[][[ZX\HY[܂][X˂H\[KXܚ[[\[\X\ݙ\[X]\X[[Y[˜\[ ۘܙ]H[[\\]\[B]]X]X[K\X[[[\\H[ܜ˜X[HY\\HYY܈XH[ۛY[[[[HYۘ[B]\Y L\[]X]\›ۈH\HX\ˈH\[][\\][X[\[\HXY]Y]HX\XH[[[و[\K\Y\[\[HYH\XHۈX[܈]KH][]]HY[Y\وHZXB\[HYX[]ۛݙ[[[[[XY\[X\\KLL LL۝X]˚[ LLǨ M L‚