Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 6

INDUSTRY NEWS STUART PEARCE TO HEADLINE LIVE NORTH IN BRIEF… Former England football star Stuart Pearce will be the guest speaker at this year’s NICEIC and ELECSA Live North event in Liverpool. Pearce is famously remembered as one of England’s greatest ever left backs, making 78 caps for his country and more than 700 league appearances for clubs including Coventry City, Nottingham Forest and Manchester City. Prior to his career in football, Pearce worked as an electrician, once advertising his services in the Nottingham Forest programme and being asked to carry out some domestic work for the then manager Brian Clough. He will be discussing his time served as a spark along with some anecdotes from his illustrious football career. Mark Smith, marketing and communications director, said, ‘Over the last five years NICEIC and ELECSA Live has firmly established itself as the leading event in the electrical contracting industry and we are delighted that Stuart will be joining us.’ Live North takes place in the glorious surroundings of Liverpool’s Aintree Racecourse on 24th November. To book your place visit: www.niceic-elecsalive.com SURVEY: MAJOR BUILDING SECTOR UNFAZED BY BREXIT The building services engineering sector – which makes up 40 per cent of the UK’s construction and maintenance industry – believes it will successfully weather the outcome of Brexit over the next few years. That’s according to major new survey findings from the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and Scotland’s trade association for the electrical industry, SELECT. Almost half of survey respondents (46 per cent) believe Brexit will have a positive impact on their company in just five years’ time, with less than one in five (19 per cent) saying it will have a negative impact (23 per cent said it would have no discernible impact). However, the largest contractors in the survey (with over £20m turnover) are slightly less optimistic about the short term business prospects than smaller contractors. ECA CEO Steve Bratt commented, ‘No matter how our relationship with Europe develops, our sector has a huge role to play in achieving UK business growth. This includes providing skilled jobs, fully functional buildings and infrastructure, and UK energy security. To help us achieve these aims, it’s vital that we know the initial views of our sector as we head towards Brexit.’ Kosnic Lighting has joined Electrika, an online portal that allows electrical system and circuit planners to estimate, order and cost projects for free with the support of leading manufacturers. The service has been running for over two decades with a focus on cables, heating, controls, ventilation and wiring. However, Electrika is currently expanding into the lighting sector and has welcomed Kosnic and its comprehensive range of LED solutions as a new addition to this area. NEW GATE SAFE MOT LAUNCHED IN BID TO PROTECT PUBLIC Gate Safe, the charity that pioneered the move towards improving the safety of automated gates, is to introduce a ‘Gate Safe MOT’, which will highlight to clients and the general public the need to ensure the correct installation and ongoing maintenance of any electric gate. The Gate Safe MOT is a memorable weatherproof sticker – similar to the original car tax disc – which will be prominently sited near the gate to indicate that an automated gate has been installed and/or maintained by a suitably qualified Gate Safe Aware installer, who has undergone appropriate training and understands how to deliver a safe and legally compliant installation. The annual MOT disc will be completed by the installer/maintenance provider offering a clear, easily identifiable visual prompt that indicates the month and year of issue, thus advising gate users that the device in use is has been through the requisite safety checks, or conversely, is overdue a service/ maintenance visit. Gate Safe founder Richard Jackson said, ‘One of the early suggestions put forward when we first launched Gate Safe was the introduction of a Kitemark type accreditation that would provide reassurance that the gate had undergone a relevant risk assessment and protocol had been adhered to, to indicate that it conforms to the required safety standards.’ Vent-Axia is celebrating 80 years of innovation. Founded by Joe Akester in 1936, when he invented the world’s first electrically operated window fan, the Vent-Axia brand has become a household name featuring annually in the UK Superbrands league table and holding the prestigious Royal Warrant. On Friday 9th September 2016 Vent-Axia celebrated its 80th anniversary at its headquarters in Fleming Way, Crawley, West Sussex. To honour the occasion Henry Smith MP for Crawley and The Worshipful, the Mayor of Crawley, Councillor Raj Sharma, took part in a celebration ceremony where VentAxia buried a time capsule in its grounds to mark the company’s 80th anniversary. Guy Singleton, managing director of Imagine This, was awarded the Special Recognition accolade by CEDIA at this year’s CEDIA Awards. With over 15 years as a CEDIA member and one of the association’s most prolific volunteers, Guy was a worthy winner and was presented with the accolade at the Gala Dinner held at The Guildhall in London. HellermannTyton has announced that its new UK distribution centre in Cannock will be open for business on Monday 21st November 2016. Following its much anticipated relocation from the current site in Aldridge, the purpose built stateof-the-art distribution centre will provide HellermannTyton with an increased storage capacity of more than 120 per cent, allowing the company to build on its recent successes in the UK ɭи()ٕɅ)ɍձѥ)%Ё)Յ؁Ѽ(Ѡ)չ((()QѽȁՉ́͡Ёͅɥ䁅ɕݥѠѡ٥)ɕ͕䁍ɥѽ́ȁѡ䁅Ёɕͥ䁙ȁ)ɽ́ѡɅ͵ͥѡՉЁѕȁѡ́Չѥ)%ѕ́ѡѽˊéͥ́ѽɥɥѥ)Ѽ 8ɔݕѡѽȁɕ͕ٕ́ѡɥЁѼѕȁ)ɥѕЁɥȁѼѡՉѥ)AՉ͡ѡ䁉Q́51ѐMեєаشIٕ)I1ɑݽ-Ё5ԀU)QЀ́Ѐ)=ٕ͕́MՉ͍ɥѥIѕɽ IЁ]ɱ ) ɥЃ ذɥ́ɕ͕ٕ)AɥѕAͽɐQɅIAѥɅѠ ݽ9@Ȁe((д؁%9̹()%Q=HIUMM10IUId)P̀ԁ͕ѡ͵ѐ)I=U@YIQ%M59P59H-11d e9)PЀ́聭ѡ͵ѐ)MQU%<59H 8 I%MQ=\)PЀ́聉ѡ͵ѐ()59%9%I Q=HY%-%Q !9H)PЀ́聑٥ѡ͵ѐ()M%9H)=8AA1Q=8)P̀Ё聩ѡ͵ѐ()AU 1%M!%9%I Q=H18==L)PЀ́聅ѡ͵ѐ() UM%9MLMUAA=IP5%9%MQIQ=H I=0e1 d)PЀ́聍ɽѡ͵ѐ() =U9QL)PЀ́聅չѡ͵ѐ((؀((0