Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 53

HOME AUTOMATION & INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS known in smart technology spheres, it also learns as it goes to enhance everyday living for the homeowner. So for example, if you return home every day from work at 5pm, turn the lights on to a certain luminance, the thermostat to a certain temperature, the radio to your favourite station and lower the blinds or close the curtains, a smart home can learn this and adjust your programmed settings accordingly. Within no time, a home can add to your daily experience so that when you turn the key in the lock, your home comes alive and is pre-set to your needs. When viewed as a series of simple connections, the idea of the smart home becomes a reality. For many it may be that the temperature and room settings required in the kitchen are very different to those in the bathroom or the bedroom and your home can tune into these changes and make the necessary adjustments whatever they may be to become an integral part of a homeowner’s lifestyle. When it comes to security, cameras and alarm systems can be easily programmed and connected to a smartphone or tablet, so if during a holiday your home alarm alerts you to an intruder, you can check and view the cameras via your portable device and even reset the alarm if there are no problems. Furthermore, door entry systems are incredibly popular in single residences and in-line with the growing trend for multi-dwelling properties, ensuring privacy and security. No longer is the technology limited to simply answering the door, with systems such as Legrand’s Bticino range, offering the ability to answer the intercom remotely via a smart device; providing greater control over who can enter the property and peace of mind that it is secure whether you are home or away. Integrating functions Discrete controls can hide a wide variety of automation control for heating and lighting. track its progress, see who their driver is and pay remotely. Its simplicity is genius, and it works because the consumer becomes part of an experience and they are buying into that. Framed in this way, smart technology is not so complex. Something as simple as lighting control in a home can be easily automated and then controlled by a single home interface. Depending on the homeowner’s choosing, this could be a smartphone or a dedicated control panel or a home interface unit – or a combination of these things. Either way, the end user is presented with a high level of functionality with tailored control to create the ultimate personalised environment. What’s more, Legrand’s home automation systems, like many others, are designed to be easy to install and easy to use – making the complex simple. The cabling is all behind the scenes, hidden behind the walls, ceilings and flooring – much like our wiring is today. The only difference being that these new cables also carry data and this is an important differentiator. In reality, the smart home is more than a gimmicky fridge that can order more milk when it senses the bottle is nearly empty, or turns over the TV channel when you’re lounging on the sofa. Beyond providing a Increasingly consumers are aware how smart ‘experiences’ like Uber can change their lines, now they are ready for a similar revolution at home. SPECIAL FEATURE luxurious experience, smart technology has the potential to integrate functions such as heating, cooling, lighting, AV, and blind control to enhance a property’s energy efficiency and enable the occupier to tailor the space to suit their lifestyle. Of course every person’s home is their castle and what they need and want to help improve their lives is relative, but with so much potential at our disposal – we literally have the connected world at our fingertips. We aren’t talking about a revolution here, more an evolution of technology and we needn’t wait for it, it’s here now and is accessible to all. For electricians, while this type of technology isn’t hugely complex, there are a lot of skills involved in the planning and installation of a system, in order to make the best use of it. The recommended route would be to seek out training with some of the leading manufacturers and take it from there. Experiences sell, so if a customer loves how they can interact with the technology and the notion of it learning and adapting to change, it offers a real growth potential for the market. The key to choosing the right system is understanding what your customers want and desire, and then keeping it simple. Very few pe H[[[\[]8&\[ۈZ[Z\[]^H[[YH][]][[][[X[HY][[]H[H[ۙ^K]]HX HX\YB\\H[H]Y\[ۈ]\B]\[HH[XXH]܈ \H[\Hݙ\Y[8&\][ۘ[X\Y]\] H[X[܂X\Y\[۝[YHܛ[ۙ]ۜ[Y\]\[\وH[X[X\XH[[Z\]\˜[[[[[H]HYH]\ܝXX[KYHX [\ݙ\H^HH\H][\š[\Y\[H^HH[\X]] [H][\[ۙ^H[[\B[Hۙ\\H8$H[[HۜY\]‚Z[X\[Y\[][\B]H\^KHX\YH\\[XHHY[ۙ\\HY[›ۈH[\ ܈Y]\^H\Bݙ[X\ M L‚LMLIP8$Yܘ[ [ L‚LL ̌ M LΌ