Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 34

FEATURE It is now possible to scan a tool or its packaging to access information and advice. TOOLS connectivity you can do this via your mobile phone – and you don’t even need to walk over to where the tool is. What’s more, the system will remember those instructions and settings for future reference so you can easily apply them again. You want to know the condition of a drill or a screwdriver before signing it out for an important job. Via the network, the tool can tell you its current state and its entire operating history. If it develops a problem while in use – such as overheating – it will send you a warning. If the nature and cause of a fault are not obvious, you can access troubleshooting tips. These are part of an extensive collection of relevant and useful reference information accessible through the system. Your laser needs to be aligned, or the brightness of your work light needs to be adjusted, but you are some distance away and up a ladder. No problem – just use your phone as a remote control. You’ve taken some measurements using your laser measurer or thermo detector and now you want to put them into a report. With networked devices there’s no need to spend time keying them into a document or – worse still – writing them down by hand. You can save them directly into the report document, in the required format, and transmit them without risk of introducing mistakes along the way. You need to buy a new tool or some accessories for a specific application but you don’t want to spend ages working through catalogues and information sheets. Using the Bosch Pocket Assistant, an add-on to Toolbox, you simply scan a tool or its packaging with your phone and the system recognises it. You can then quickly find advice on the best choices for your situation and order them directly via the network. Similarly, if you want to link a tool to TrackMyTools, register it for a warranty or arrange a repair, just scan the product rather than typing its serial number or other details. Tool tracking ‘A common source of frustration and wasted time for electrical contractors is lost or hard-to-find tools.’ A common source of frustration and wasted time for electrical contractors is lost or hard-to-find tools. With TrackMyTools – coming in 2017 – you will know exactly where they are. When packing for a job, you can use it to make a quick check that all the tools you need are present. If one is missing, it will show you where it is in your premises or who you loaned it to and when it is to be returned. Any faults can be immediately reported via the system. Should you find yourself without a tool you need, it will tell you which of your colleagues have similar tools and you can arrange to borrow one. For inventory managers, it provides instant, clear and up to date knowledge of all tools held by your company and helps in planning their efficient deployment. The future Returning to the historical comparison with mobile phones, just consider how much more your current smartphone can do than your first mobile did. You can expect the same sort of rapid development in tool connectivity. In fact, the voracious appetite of connected tools for data is one of the drivers of progress. They simply never stop recording information on what they are doing. People like the product designers at Bosch analyse the collected data, along with the views of users, to inspire, guide and shape future innovations. Need to know How would you like to receive your issue of ECN? Printed WHAT’S HAPPENING in the electrical contracting industry? Digital Have you previously registered for your free monthly copy of ECN? Yes No What is the main activity of your business? 1 Electrical contractor 6 Facilities management 2 Manufacturer 7 Training/qualifications 3 Wholesale/distribution 8 Trade association 4 Consultancy 9 Other (please specify) 5 Public utilities ................................................................. How many full time employees work for your company? 1-5 6-10 11-20 21-50 51+ How many people read your copy of ECN? C 1 HO ICE of E LOSURE Auxiliaries Absolutely!? BLUE Choice of enclosure VOLUME 36 NO. 33 LIGHTING PROJECTS 11 • NOVEMBE switchg ear since 1907 Isolators with multiple GRP, insulated, open auxiliaries normal & normally closed. stainless steel, Ie AC-21A: 20A ly mild steel -1250A & more Call 01635 262626 or visit www.kraus R 2016 26 COMPETITION High profile case studies from the lighting sector. LINE Win an iPad Air 2 courtesy of Marco Cable Management. WWW.ELECTRI CALC 41 SPECIAL FEATURE: HOME AUTOMATIO & INTELLIGENT N BUILDINGS 2-3 4-6 6+ Are you a member of any of the following trade bodies? Kraus & Naimer NC ECN is published 12 times a year for electrical contractors involved in the specification and installation of fixed electrical wiring and fittings for electrical power, lighting, heating, circuit protection, security systems, communications equipment and much more. Every month ECN strives to deliver relevant, topical and thought-provoking editorial to its audience, enabling them to do their job in a more productive and effective manner. 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